Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh heyyyy

Oh hey there sugar pie. Um...long time no see? Oops.

A couple changes in my life: I just got back from an INCREDIBLE semester abroad (and by just I mean about a month and a half ago) in Spain. For this reason all hopes of vegan/raw/whatever were thrown out the window. I was able to stay vegetarian which was just perfect for me. It was just such an incredible experience immersing myself in a new culture/language/lifestyle. I didn't want to come back to America but I will definitely go back to Spain someday, hopefully within the next year (after graduation) but I will for sure keep you updated...I guess that's kind of an empty promise since I'm so bad at updating THIS. Bleh :(

Anyway, important change #2...remember my Lucky I'm in Love with my Best Friend post? Well that whole thing somehow kind of worked out. I am soooo happy with him and so lucky that we're finally in the same place at the same time for this summer. Come fall will be another story (we go to different schools) but for now I'm trying to just enjoy the here and now. So you might...probably...definitely will see mentions of him cropping up in my posts. Sorry, I'm sometimes a gushy person :P

So I'm back because....I've obviously slipped a little way from where I want to be but I'm back to make my life better so let's do this!!!

A recent book that has given me an extra little shove is Michael Pollen's In Defense of Food

I strongly recommend it if you haven't already read it. It's a wonderful explanation of American society's warped perception of nutrition. Good stuff.

So some goals that I wish to start working on:
  • back to vegan
  • avoid processed food
  • avoid gluten
  • avoid sugar
I'm hoping to completely eliminate those from my diet this fall but for now that's kind of a steep goal to make straight from the get go and plus I'm living at home--land of meat and bread (seriously, it is a pain to find fruit and vegetables in this house and my mom calls herself a nurse *scoff*).

So here I am asking your forgiveness for abandoning you. I hope you understand but I'll try to be back as much as I can because I love blogging and now that I'm done with my study abroad blog, I need something to keep my fingers occupied :)

Peace and love!

P.S. Any world cup fans out there? Spain advancing to finals today for the FIRST TIME EVER pretty much made this the best day of my life!! My excitement is overwhelming!!! You better believe that I will be freaking out on Sunday (and sending some ridiculous updates your way)!

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