Monday, October 19, 2009

MC Day twoooo


So my life is FAR busier than it was during my last MC. Yesterday I only had one 16 oz glass of the lemonade and then today I am just sipping my first 16 oz glass now and it's 6:30pm. Needless to say my brain is fuzzy and my stomach hates me.

I just honestly don't have time to make the lemonade during the day. Maybe I'll have to juice the lemons the night before (even though it says you're not supposed to do that)

Other than that I'll be fine. Plus side of being busy is that the next 8 days are going to go by SO FAST, I can't believe it's already the end of day two. Sweet.

However I need to start making realistic goals toward taking care of myself--exercise and sleep in addition to gluten free and vegan. And I need to stick to these goals!

I think I can do it though. I'm feeling very optimistic about this cleanse, very much in the right mind-set. And even though I've been hungry all day (since I haven't had any lemonade), I've only wanted fruit or soup or tomatoes...yum I wanted tomatoes so badly this morning! So that's good yay!

Oh P.S. since my last post I have been gluten free and vegan except for Saturday (my parents took me out to Olive Garden when they visited). So I'm proud of myself for that much. I mean as far as gluten free goes...I loooooove my carbs so it's hard to resist a bagel at work or some pasta at the Union when I go to study. But I've been in super soup and tea mode lately so I think post-cleanse will be excellent!

Peace and love,

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