Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Suck

Oh wow hello everyone I kind of forgot about you...

Well my life is completely insane right now. I have SO much on my plate that I don't sleep, I don't workout and I don't have time to eat well...AT ALL.

I survived two cases of H1N1 in my house (two of my roommates had it) but I am completely surprised since I am being so hard on myself that my immune system should be SH*T!

Main idea: I need to start taking care of myself again. I'm screwing the whole raw concept. I officially got accepted into my study abroad program in Spain for next semester (SUUUUUPER excited!) so that will pretty much not work anyway. But I need to focus on being vegan and gluten free. I am learning more and more about myself as my eating habits suck more and more (I mean I guess there is a small plus side in that way) but I've found that gluten is no good. My body does not like it. And high fat foods (like nuts and seeds) are no good either (unless there's like a small sprinkle in a salad or something).

With this in mind I think I'm going to start another MC on the 18th. I know I know it seems like so soon after my last one (probably because I pretty much haven't posted since then) but I really really need this. I have the right mentality but my body just wants some BREAD.

I also seriously need to start exercising more. I literally have no time but my mom made the excellent point when I talked to her on the phone yesterday that it will really help me focus and have a generally better mindset and thinking back to last year when I ran almost every day I can see that that is pretty much true.

So the plan until the 18th is to remain vegan/gluten free. Focusing mostly on soups (since it's frickin COLD) and then I will dive into an MC before Halloween. Haha great timing.

This weekend I'm taking it easy...focusing on sleep and getting caught up into my MOUNTAIN of school work.

I doubt anyone is still following me but I hope to start regularly posting again!

Peace and love,

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Ann Marie said...

loved this post! i was vegan for almost a year once. i tried a raw-food-only diet for one summer. i totally know what you're talking about!

now, i follow an ayurvedic diet that's specific for my body. anyway, not that you really care about that...i just wanted to say i loved your post and your honesty.