Thursday, October 29, 2009


10-Day Master Cleanse #3 is officially over!!!!

Let the trumpets sound and confetti fall from the sky because I did it! Yes!

In celebration I wore my skinny jeans today (which fit quite nicely, thank you very much) and I got SO many complements on how nice I looked. I didn't dress specially (my skinny jeans aren't like super nice or anything), I didn't even shower, but I got multiple people tell me I looked nice and a couple that said I just looked happier and "glow-y." Sweet!

So this morning I had my OJ at work which was SOOOO delicious! Oh yum it was perfect! I also had some Citrus Mountain Oolong tea which I am absolutely in love with (yes it has caffeine, I'm not giving it up). My coffee shop gets our tea from Cha Cha which is very high quality and extremely delicious (I will never drink Lipton again). I'm thinking of ordering some for myself in bulk instead of coffee and I'm going to get some for Christmas presents this year too I think. So I'll update with reviews of different flavors of Cha Cha from time to time. Citrus Mountain is my current favorite. It is so refreshing and light with a zip of citrus but also a nice earthy feel. I like it for breakfast (or in the morning) because the citrus makes it kind of an orange-juicy-type drink (AKA something you would drink in the morning). It also has amazing health/weight loss benefits and slightly less caffeine than black tea (not that I really care haha).

Then I got home and had my Butternut Squash Soup. Yummmm. I cannot tell you how delicious this was. *drool* I want more now. Anyway I should say quickly that when I cook I rarely follow a recipe and I don't like to measure, so apologies if this annoys you but I cannot change (sorry). My mom gets so mad at me when I come home and alter recipes but I think I am physically unable to follow a recipe. I HAVE to change it somehow. Anyway here is my Butternut Squash Soup (all Farmer's Market produce). And P.S. I am not a food photographer.

  • 2 Butternut Squashes
  • 1 lb green beans (yummy)
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 bunch of scallions
  • Dill (I don't know how much, I hadn't cooked with dill before and randomly wanted to)
  • 6 ears of corn (corn cut off the cob)
  • 1 bag of Spinach (I actually got the from Trader Joe's)
  • Nutmeg (a couple good shakes)
  • Vegetable bouillon (I didn't have cubes. I had some stuff in a jar but I don't remember the brand. You can really use anything, it just adds the saltiness)
First I cut up the butternut squash and boiled it until it became soft enough not to destroy my blender (oh food processor, someday you will be mine). I blended the squash with the spinach, bouillon, and nutmeg and then added enough water until it was the consistency I wanted. Then I just chopped up the rest and boiled it in with that. Nice and easy. Obviously I cooked the corn separately so I could cut off the kernel easier but I suppose you could do this beforehand too. And I didn't boil the tomatoes in because I hate mushy tomatoes so I just added those after the soup cooled. And that's it! That's the wonderful thing about soup is that it's so easy to make and it's super yummy and you pretty much can't go wrong. P.S. this made a shit-ton of soup so I will be eating it for the next two weeks (and no complaints here because it's healthy and delicious).

I also made some Halloween Puppy Chow for my dance social tomorrow night but I will post pictures and that recipe tomorrow because this girl needs to get her ass to bed.

Also, I got Skinny Bitch from my library today and read it in two hours! I absolutely loved it!! It is the perfect book to read while cleansing/right when you come off as a reminder of how to eat and what the junk people put in their bodies does to them. The presentation is cut-to-the-quick which adds an element of humor to the seriousness of the issues it presents. I want to share this book with all my girlfriends but I don't want to seem imposing in my views on health. Anyway, if I ever thought that veganism is just a phase I'm going through, I don't anymore. I know that for the rest of my life (after Spain since it will be pretty much impossible there), I want to be vegan. And I will definitely raise my children vegetarian at the very least (c'mon understanding husband! I know you're out there somewhere!). Bottom line: if you haven't read this book and/or you aren't completely sure which sort of eating-lifestyle you want to lead, you need to read it!

Oh and I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the gorgeous autumn trees around my house because it just puts me in an even BETTER mood! I just LOVE this season!

Peace and Love,

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