Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day Seven :)

What a perfect fall day. Seriously, this is the post card definition of a gorgeous fall day :) My favorite season!!

First I got to sleep in which was EXACTLY what I needed, I cannot tell you how crabby I have been the past week. Oops! Hehe but everyone knew why and I apologized so it's all good. Then I went to the Farmer's Market with two of my amigos and got....

Brussel sprouts because I have never had them before and I've wanted to try them for awhile. So that will be a good little post-cleanse healthy eat :)

And I also got...Some festive fruits! Yay! We have a pie pumpkin which is exciting because I LOOOOOVE pumpkin-flavored baked goods. I don't know yet what I'm going to make with it but I will definitely update with pictures when I do! And I also got an acorn squash which is just really good cooked alone with a little cinnamon and maybe coconut butter or something? I'm not sure what the green one is but it's pretty. Anyway I was super excited that these can serve as festive decorations as well as food...and they take kind of awhile to go bad. BONUS!

So I'm also in a really happy mood because I'm listening to Christmas music. Yes, I know, it's wayyyy to early. And usually I am adamantly opposed to any sort of Christmas music listening before Thanksgiving but I am skipping two holidays this year because I NEED a little pick-me-up after midterms and I love Christmas so much, why not? As my good friend told me when I was explaining how no one else understands getting excited for Christmas as early as I do: "It's a lack of talent, really. You know they would [be excited] if they were capable of such long-term sustained excitement." Haha so funny and true. This is the friend who is studying abroad right now who I haven't talk to in forever (we talk over Skype) because he's been traveling around. So it's good to talk to him again :)

I'm ALSO in a good mood because I have gotten so much done this weekend so far with study abroad forms and homework that I've needed to catch up on. SUCH a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It feels amazing!

And finally I'm happy because I am seeing RESULTS from my Master Cleanse! And I only have 3 more days! I will have pics of the butternut squash soup I made for post-cleanse up soon with my recipe!

Peace and love and crunchy fall leaves!

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