Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 4

And my crazy, stressful, busy life continues. (Yes I am still going strong on the MC)

I've been contemplating lately what I want to do with my life. I mean I want to be a writer and going into publishing but I don't know what my goal is, my purpose.

I am reading a book titled Mountains Beyond Mountains and I strongly encourage anyone to read it. It's a text that is required for one of my classes but I would just read it for pleasure if I picked it up at the library or bookstore. It is a semi-biographical story about a man who starts a clinic in Haiti and his life story is absolutely incredible (and I'm only 1/3 of the way done with the book!). Seriously, it's such an enjoyable read. Go read it!

It makes me think of my love for Guatemala. I want to go back there so badly and I have been saying that I want to live there for a year after graduation. I feel that more strongly now than ever after reading this book. I think the whole point of life is to learn and share compassion. I so much admire those who can sacrifice things to make others happy and I wish to someday be like that. Even if it means offering to buy a friend lunch, it's just the little things that make someone's day that can make a difference.

Today at my coffee shop one of my semi-regular customers came in and chatted with me while he was fixing his coffee. Then he stopped halfway through his sentence and just said, "Can I give you a hug?" The strange thing was that it wasn't weird at all and it was such a heartfelt request that it completely made my day. Haha I don't know it kind of sounds weird trying to explain it but at the moment it was really touching.

Anyway as far as this MC goes...this time I am really struggling with the lemonade. I know I had said that I wasn't drinking it much because I am busy and don't have time to make it, which is completely true. But even when I do drink it, it makes me gag. It is just too sweet and, I don't know the taste is just wrong to me. I haven't had an issue with this before but I just wish I could leave out the maple syrup. I know that's where my needed calories are coming from so obviously I can't do that but the sugar is making me sick. Hopefully I'll get over this since I still have six more days of it. Oh boy. This week is going by fast though so I'm exciting to start eating fruits and veggies again!!!

Peace and love,

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