Monday, July 20, 2009

OJ + Soup + Workout= GREAT start!

Helloooo everyone :)

Well I'm done with the MC and it feels good. Today I drank mostly orange juice which was DELICIOUS. Oh yum I loved every pulpy sip of it!

But I had my internship for six hours today. NOT FUN. It is a soul sucker, let me tell you. Very monotonous. I finished up a lot of loose ends today though so I feel like I actually accomplished something rather than repetitive data entry. And I was sipping my OJ the whole time so that made it a slightly pleasant experience.

After my internship I came home to have a very small bowl of my soup before my workout. I think I hyped up the soup a little bit in my mind. It was OKAY, definitely not great. It would be fine except I made A LOT of it and I just don't know if I can force myself to eat it all. So I think I'll truck along for the next two days and freeze the rest while I'm at home. Then when I come back I'll add some avocado because it just needs a little creaminess (and I think I remember reading somewhere that you're not supposed to introduce fats back into your diet right away post-cleanse?).

Then my workout!!! Well I'm mad at my stupid internship because since I had to stay up until the last minute I was scheduled (usually I'm able to dip out early) I had to miss my cardio workout= hip hop. And apparently it was a really fun day to day according to one of my friends I always take the class with. But I was able to catch the strength training class (which does incorporate some cardio). I had so much energy! Each move was just so much easier (not that it wasn't still challenging) and my energy just grew more and more as the class went on. It was wonderful! Unfortunately I literally have no time to work out the next two days but I will try my hardest to work out while I'm home (I am still a member of the YMCA there after all).

Welll I really need to finish up my homework for class tomorrow (god I hate having to say that in the summer). But before I go I'd like to leave you with some before and after photos!! On my first cleanse I didn't take them and I really wish I would have because I think the change was a little more drastic then. You can't see it as much in the photos but in real life it is more apparent. And then obviously the photos don't capture the cleansing of my mentality :)

Obviously I have some toning to go but it's a great start :)

Peace and love and looking forward to the weekend!

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