Thursday, July 16, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day seven

'Ello 'ello

It's day seven!!!!! Three more days to go!!!!!!!!!!!


Hehe. Well today started out at the good ol' internship (most boring experience of my life). I've found that I'm able to get through it more easily though. The MC has really cleared my head and my focus is much sharper (though I still think I have ADD).

I'm getting so excited for next week! Not just because it will be the end of my cleanse (and the start of my new raw-focused and healthier life) but because I get to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in awhile! One of my best friends is visiting some family in the area so he and his family are going to stop by to visit me AND I might be able to hitch a ride back home with them because I was planning on going home next weekend anyway! Woo hoo! No sketchy bus for me! And of course just going home is cause for pure excitement! I love my family and high school friends, they are irreplaceable and truly wonderful!

SYTYCD last night was incredible! Jason and Jeanine blew my mind with their absolutely breathtaking routine, I can't get over it!! Ahh love :)
SYTYCD - Jeanine & Jason - Contemporary by homorazzi.

Anyway today was great! I feel great--body, mind and soul :) My Smooth Move tea kept me up for about an hour last night (icky) but it's part of the process so I guess I have to take it. I haven't been doing the Smooth Move every day. I did it at the end of day one, two, three, and six. Then I plan on doing it again tonight. And once more time at the end of day ten. This is mostly because I have morning stuff after the days I don't take it and I don't want to be miserable if it didn't completely do it's thing the night before. Also I only have that many tea bags left. And also because I just don't feel right about taking laxatives every day, even if it is for only ten days.

So, almost done! I'm looking forward to a big ol' salad! Today in class everyone brought snacks there were: dark chocolate kisses (I brought them...courtesy of my roommate), single serving packets of trail mix (I also brought those), Twislers, Now and Laters, mini doughnuts (the nasty Hostess kind that come in a bag), and brownies. Quite an array of disgusting. And guess what???? I didn't want any of it. Well...the trail mix looked mighty yummy and there were still a few bags left over that I took home with me for post-cleanse (because trail mix is legit) but I was disgusted by the other items and had no desire for them what-so-ever! YEAH MAN!

And that's my day. I also went on Clare's blog for nutter butter so hopefully I get that hehe :)

Peace and love and love and love and love!

P.S. And can I just say that this post is so great and helpful for mindset while coming off the Master Cleanse! It really spoke to me today.

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Mom Gone Raw! said...

That was a great post about eating more raw foods to lose weight! And its true! Most of the time I eat WAY more food than I used to on the SAD, but the pounds have literally melted off!
I am so proud of are doing fantastic!!