Friday, July 10, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day One

Dun dun-dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun can't touch this!

Haha every time someone uses "MC" as an abbreviation for Master Cleanse I think of MC Hammer and "Can't Touch this" pops into my head.

Well it is day one, lovelies! Let's get ready for the start of some change!!!

Day one was a little rough. I had work early this morning so maybe it was because I was tired and didn't get a chance to have any of the lemonade until this evening but I had a major headache and a serious case of the sleepies. After drinking some lemonade I felt much better though :)

Not only does the Master Cleanse give your body a chance to refresh and renew, but it gives you a chance to re-evaluate your health and your life. So here's some things I want to accomplish through Master Cleanse:
  • Weight Loss- yeah yeah I know that it isn't a good idea to go on the MC just to lose weight but it is a wonderful perk, I do need to lose some weight, and it isn't the only reason I'm doing it so there :P
  • Eating habits- I want to come off the cleanse respecting my body by monitoring what I put into it. So yes, while those french fries or sweets taste incredible, it's just poison that is limiting my health
  • Exercise- I want to set up a daily routine for myself hopefully during the cleanse (if I have enough energy which I think I will) but definitely afterward.
  • Life- I want to enjoy life more and go out there and grab it. When I feel better about myself and allow myself to have more energy by consuming only foods that enable that, life is just 10000% more enjoyable
Well that's it for now. Tonight (and this weekend) I'm going to make sure I get a lot of rest so my body can adjust to the cleanse.

Peace and love and lemony beginnings!

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