Saturday, July 18, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day nine

Guess what guys? I'm ready. Ready to be healthy again.

I stocked up on some fresh produce today for my veggie soup for my post-cleanse. And I feel really good about it. I no longer want the bakery from my coffee shop or some french fries from down the street. I'm ready to eat healthy again and, to me, this means eating to nurture my body and not just to eat and making the best decisions about what foods go into my body. Now, the raw food diet is clearly a wonderful path that I will be attempting to take but that doesn't mean that I won't eat rice, beans, roasted nuts/seeds (if I can't find raw), coffee, nutmilk from the store, etc. I will be staying away from gluten and animal products--probably aiming for the "raw until dinner" method.

And I'm ready for this coming weekend. Usually when I go home I go crazy on food. It's there, it's comforting (and I'm in a comforting environment), it's not what I usually eat, and I don't have to pay for it (haha there's my college student self crying out). It's disgusting. This weekend I will eat when my body needs me to without indulgence. I will try to go to the grocery story (with my parents' money of course) and buy some yummy ingredients to make a GINORMOUS salad that everyone can eat (hey, why not improve their health for one weekend too?). I said a couple posts before that I will be making a cake for my friend's birthday. I will be making it vegan but most likely not gluten free. It's a special occasion though and I will only be having half of a slice.

See what I mean? I'm not being rigid right now because I know it's not realistic for me at this current point in my life. Later, when I live on my own and have a real income, I will be able to invest in a food processor, dehydrator, juicer, and super nice blender and be able to afford all the raw ingredients (besides produce) that will keep me satisfied.

Because I've realized this is my problem with raw: I love fruit and I love veggies and I am fine and dandy for awhile but to remain satisfied I need something a little more dense. I've found that nuts/seeds/dried fruit in trail mix form tend to make me a little sick at times and I have trouble stopping myself from eating an appropriate amount. So really I have nothing left which is why I cannot go 100% right now (and there are some who may disagree but this makes sense to me). I'm not trying to make excuses for myself. I know that if I truly set my mind to it, I could go 100% just how I am but to tell you the truth, I don't have the patience for that sort lifestyle right now so I am perfectly content with going gluten-free/vegan/as raw as I can for the next three-ish years until I feel I can do it.

And I will do it, just watch.

So that is what I've learned about myself through my cleanse. I knew it before, I guess, but now it is solidified in my mind. I am beginning to respect my body again and that is really the greatest thing I could have asked for from this cleanse.

One more day left everyone! And I'm going to go ahead and toot my own horn to say that I totally rock when it comes to the right amount of ingredients. I have exactly enough syrup and lemons to get through tomorrow--with no extra!! Thank God because I have a feeling that maple and lemons will not be in the menu anytime soon haha.

Well I'm off to see Harry Potter soon! I know I'm so late in seeing it but I haven't had time. Then I have work tomorrow for the first half of my last day of the MC, and then I'm going shopping again (and actually buying stuff this time) for the second half.

Peace and love and healthy thoughts!

P.S. My computer isn't sick anymore! At least I don't think so...I'll have my Daddy check it when I'm home :)

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