Monday, July 13, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day four

Yummy! I am dripping sweat haha. I just got back from a hip hop class that was super intense today (or maybe I'm just a little weaker than normal). I was going to stick around afterward for a strength training class but was just too pooped to consider it, plus I've heard that you're not supposed to do lifting during the Master Cleanse due to the bodily acids it stirs up? I don't know. Anyway all I know is that I feel SO GOOD after that workout and all that sweating is releasing toxins through my pores hellz yes!

Day four was no problem again. That frickin Smooth Move tea though produces some uncomfortable cramping when it's doing it's thang. Ewww TMI :P

Today I am craving pizza! But the raw kind (which is a good sign, GO MASTER CLEANSE!). I found a version that I cannot wait to try here. The recipe isn't listed so I'll have to make up my own as best I can. I will definitely try that...probably in about two weeks...and let you know how it goes :)

I think working out will make the rest of my cleanse breeze by. Pushing myself to workout, however, means I have to up my maple syrup intake (much to my distaste) but it releases soooo many toxins and keeps my metabolism going so that these 10 days on a much lower caloric intake than normal doesn't slow me down once I start eating eating again. I'm definitely focusing on cardio for the next 6 days and then I will start lifting again once I'm done with the cleanse. Oh baby after my last Master Cleanse, I started lifting afterward and running and the pounds just continued to melt off as I became more toned and strong. It was almost effortless!! At that point in my life I felt more in shape than I think I ever have before and I was eating so healthily (even though it wasn't 100% raw). I'm excited to get back to that point again and stay there because I know I can :)

Well I have to get my sweaty butt in the shower because I'm going out to a movie with some of my friends for an outdoor showing!

Peace and love and sweaty giggles!

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