Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm moving forward!

I am proud of myself this week :)

I really like every other day fasting (even though I didn't today) and I'm also happy that I started really focusing on working out. I didn't work out yesterday but I did some strength training today and I feel great!

Next week I think I'm really going to focus on running and getting back into running shape. I ran a 5K this past Thanksgiving (my first race ever!) and felt incredible! I'm going to make it my goal to do a 10K this coming fall (and maybe a 5K or two before that). I always thought I hated running but my body embraces just takes motivation to stay in shape for it!!

Anyway I've been doing a pretty good job about eating gluten-free (and obviously vegan) on the days I haven't fasted this week. I will just focus on that until my Master Cleanse (which will start next weekend) and then use that as my transition to raw! I'm excited guys, this will be an adventure!

Well I have a big weekend coming up. I'm meeting tomorrow with someone to hopefully sign a sublease so I don't have to worry about complications when I study abroad this spring and my family is visiting for the weekend (not to mention all the 4th of July festivities)! So forgive me if I don't update.

Peace and love and cheers to getting on track again!

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