Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Answer to a Comment

Hey everyone! This is not my post for the day but I had a great comment that I would like to address. I was going to just comment back but then my comment turned into a novel, plus I think it's important for anyone going on the Master Cleanse to keep this in mind:

Hi there.
I am on day 1 of the cleanse and I just found your blog. Its VERY helpful!! Thank you!! I was wondering, how much weight have you lost? Also, I noticed you are still drinking coffee, how is that going? I have a massive headache b/c I am having caffeine w/drawls! NOT FUN! Also, I refused to give up some chewing so I had my usual 2 boiled egg whites in the AM, I need SOME protein! Again, thank you for posting I am really looking forward to your next entry.

First of all, I'm glad I could help someone :)

I am hoping for some weight loss during the cleanse but I have not weighed myself before or during so I'm not sure how much I've lost. I don't own a scale and I don't want to become too obsessed with a number. My clothes are starting to feel more lose though so I'd estimate that I've lost at least 5 pounds so far (I'm not very good at guessing though). I think it's important to make the Master Cleanse not about weight loss. Yes, it is a wonderful side effect (and one of the reasons why I'm doing it) but most importantly the Master Cleanse should be about making yourself healthy. It's a great doorway to a new diet (if you're a SAD eater-go veggie, if you're a veggie-go vegan, if you're vegan-try raw, etc.) or just a way to put your foot down and majorly cut down on junk food. Either way it's about a lifestyle change and, yes, weight loss fits into that but your weight will just go right back up (and quickly) unless you change your eating habits in the long run post-cleanse.

And yes I am still drinking coffee, not on the cleanse of course, but I will be going back to it afterward just because it isn't something I WANT to give up. I know that coffee supposedly isn't good for you and I am aware that I may be slightly (hehe) addicted to the caffeine but I know that if I actually wanted to give it up, I could. I just love the taste and the comfort and everything about it and I really don't think coffee compromises my health enough for me to eliminate it from my diet (I only drink about a cup a day anyway). Leading up to the cleanse I had switched to black tea for about a week so my caffeine withdrawal isn't so bad now. Day one I had a massive headache which probably had something to do with that but part of what the MC does is break addictions so I'm over it by now.

And now...THE PROTEIN QUESTION. Oh American culture, how silly you are. We are taught from an early age to eat protein protein protein. Protein must go with EVERY MEAL to build STRONG MUSCLES. So so silly. We actually do not need that much protein every day. It's ridiculous. And what's more ridiculous is that American culture seems to think the only way you can get protein is through MEAT AND DAIRY. Grosssssss. See, the thing is is that meat and dairy are complete sources of protein. The only vegan complete source of protein is quinoa (which can be sprouted in raw form). So how do vegans and raw foodies get complete protein? COMBINATION!!! Yay! If you combine enough fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds you're set! For example, many Latin American and Asian cultures do not eat much meat or dairy. They get their complete protein from a combination of beans and rice or beans and corn. Both make complete sources of protein. As far as being on the MC and needing don't. You get enough nutrients from the maple syrup, cayenne and lemon (it's not just random ingredients thrown together...there's a reason for them). The MC is not designed for very extended amounts of time either. 10-30 days without protein is fine, just don't try and build muscle during this time. Adding any sort of food to the MC (including coffee!!!) greatly alters the effects so it's not a good idea to do. Check out peanutterb's post here: I think that pretty much covers it.

So I'll post later today about how day six is going, I just wanted to answer that post first, but not I have to run to my internship!

Peace and love!


Mom Gone Raw! said...

I agree with you 110% on the whole protein thing! That's one of the most frequently asked questions I get: How do you get enough protein? The meat and dairy industries have created a facade when it comes to our protein needs. In order to sell more and more cheese, beef, bacon, whatever, they have convinced people that their protein must come from animals and they must consume a LOT of it! They know that if word gets out that we can get all the protein we need from fruits, veggies,nuts, etc, they might lose some business...oh, no.
I am really enjoying reading about your Master Cleanse. I have fasted to help myself get rid of a cold but I have done an MC. I might try it now, though...looks like fun!

iluvlife said...

Haha well I'm not sure "fun" is the right word but it is definitely beneficial both physically and mentally. I have learned so much about myself