Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in town

Well I'm back from my weekend home. Let's just say it wasn't completely sinless but now I'm back and ready to get going!

My weekend home was lovely. Like I have said before, when I'm with my high school friends and my family, I think that's when I'm happiest.

These next couple weeks I will be focusing on getting back into an exercising routine :) yay! I'll be trying to do two-a-days as often as my schedule allows until the school year starts. Today I went on a jog right when I woke up and then this evening I took a hip hop class and did some strength training. Feeling great!

Anyway I'm sorry for the short post and the lack of posts this past weekend. I'll give more detailed updates in the next couple days :)

Peace and love,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend?


That's right. One of my best guy friends visited me and one of our mutual friends with his mom and sister before they took me home for the weekend. He's been one of my best friends now for six years and I've suddenly realized that we completely fit together.

And I missed my chance to tell him.

He's leaving to study abroad for fall semester in two weeks but I won't see him before he leaves. That means I won't see him for six months. Then I will see him over winter break and then (hopefully) I will be going abroad for about six months.

Worst. Timing. Ever.

I can't stop thinking about him. I can't get over this new way I see him. And I don't want it but I can't help it. Grrrrr.

Sorry, that's all I can think about. But I wanted to update so you know I'm still alive. I'm home (so I probably won't be updating every day this weekend). And I'm still trying to make the most healthy decisions I can. But right now my head and my heart are confusing one another so I'm going to go for now.

Peace and love and ????

Oh P.S. this is a cute little story about raw/healthy eating that made me smile the other day

Monday, July 20, 2009

OJ + Soup + Workout= GREAT start!

Helloooo everyone :)

Well I'm done with the MC and it feels good. Today I drank mostly orange juice which was DELICIOUS. Oh yum I loved every pulpy sip of it!

But I had my internship for six hours today. NOT FUN. It is a soul sucker, let me tell you. Very monotonous. I finished up a lot of loose ends today though so I feel like I actually accomplished something rather than repetitive data entry. And I was sipping my OJ the whole time so that made it a slightly pleasant experience.

After my internship I came home to have a very small bowl of my soup before my workout. I think I hyped up the soup a little bit in my mind. It was OKAY, definitely not great. It would be fine except I made A LOT of it and I just don't know if I can force myself to eat it all. So I think I'll truck along for the next two days and freeze the rest while I'm at home. Then when I come back I'll add some avocado because it just needs a little creaminess (and I think I remember reading somewhere that you're not supposed to introduce fats back into your diet right away post-cleanse?).

Then my workout!!! Well I'm mad at my stupid internship because since I had to stay up until the last minute I was scheduled (usually I'm able to dip out early) I had to miss my cardio workout= hip hop. And apparently it was a really fun day to day according to one of my friends I always take the class with. But I was able to catch the strength training class (which does incorporate some cardio). I had so much energy! Each move was just so much easier (not that it wasn't still challenging) and my energy just grew more and more as the class went on. It was wonderful! Unfortunately I literally have no time to work out the next two days but I will try my hardest to work out while I'm home (I am still a member of the YMCA there after all).

Welll I really need to finish up my homework for class tomorrow (god I hate having to say that in the summer). But before I go I'd like to leave you with some before and after photos!! On my first cleanse I didn't take them and I really wish I would have because I think the change was a little more drastic then. You can't see it as much in the photos but in real life it is more apparent. And then obviously the photos don't capture the cleansing of my mentality :)

Obviously I have some toning to go but it's a great start :)

Peace and love and looking forward to the weekend!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day ten


That's right! I'm finished! Tomorrow is on to the OJ and I will also be having soup for dinner (I need to speed the post-cleanse up a bit because I'm going out to dinner with friends Tuesday night and I'm not sure what my options will be).

So my last post I kind of wrapped up what I learned and what I hope for myself in the future. I think I'm going to have this be an annual's a great little reminder of how I want to live my life. I'm going to push it up to the beginning of summer each year though probably so I can take full advantage of summer's bountiful raw treats at the farmer's market :)

Today I had work and then I went back to the last day of the street sale to force myself to treat myself and buy things...and I did! I bought a cute top that kind of has an Indian flair to it and I bought a fun little wrist purse that's made out of recycled materials. I consider it a success (but I think I'll go shopping when I go home this weekend....with my Mommy hehe).

Then I decided to make my soup since I won't have time to make it tomorrow. And here it is...

Well I got some OJ for the A.M. It's store bought because hell if I'm going to juice all those oranges, are you kidding me? But this is really good stuff, it tastes so fresh and pulpy. It is as close to store-bought raw OJ as you can get!

All my ingredients! We have spinach, tomato, zucchini, red onion, and garlic. In the red container I have some carrots and pea pods that I let sit overnight in ACV to get a little soft (instead of cooking them!) since I don't have a food processor and I don't want to kill my blender.

The finished product: my blender soup. It kind of looks gross but I'll bet it tastes delish...I'll let you know tomorrow :)

Oh and obviously I'm not eating all that in one sitting! It will definitely last a couple days!

Peace and love and soupy sweetness!

P.S. What do you think of the new layout?????

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day nine

Guess what guys? I'm ready. Ready to be healthy again.

I stocked up on some fresh produce today for my veggie soup for my post-cleanse. And I feel really good about it. I no longer want the bakery from my coffee shop or some french fries from down the street. I'm ready to eat healthy again and, to me, this means eating to nurture my body and not just to eat and making the best decisions about what foods go into my body. Now, the raw food diet is clearly a wonderful path that I will be attempting to take but that doesn't mean that I won't eat rice, beans, roasted nuts/seeds (if I can't find raw), coffee, nutmilk from the store, etc. I will be staying away from gluten and animal products--probably aiming for the "raw until dinner" method.

And I'm ready for this coming weekend. Usually when I go home I go crazy on food. It's there, it's comforting (and I'm in a comforting environment), it's not what I usually eat, and I don't have to pay for it (haha there's my college student self crying out). It's disgusting. This weekend I will eat when my body needs me to without indulgence. I will try to go to the grocery story (with my parents' money of course) and buy some yummy ingredients to make a GINORMOUS salad that everyone can eat (hey, why not improve their health for one weekend too?). I said a couple posts before that I will be making a cake for my friend's birthday. I will be making it vegan but most likely not gluten free. It's a special occasion though and I will only be having half of a slice.

See what I mean? I'm not being rigid right now because I know it's not realistic for me at this current point in my life. Later, when I live on my own and have a real income, I will be able to invest in a food processor, dehydrator, juicer, and super nice blender and be able to afford all the raw ingredients (besides produce) that will keep me satisfied.

Because I've realized this is my problem with raw: I love fruit and I love veggies and I am fine and dandy for awhile but to remain satisfied I need something a little more dense. I've found that nuts/seeds/dried fruit in trail mix form tend to make me a little sick at times and I have trouble stopping myself from eating an appropriate amount. So really I have nothing left which is why I cannot go 100% right now (and there are some who may disagree but this makes sense to me). I'm not trying to make excuses for myself. I know that if I truly set my mind to it, I could go 100% just how I am but to tell you the truth, I don't have the patience for that sort lifestyle right now so I am perfectly content with going gluten-free/vegan/as raw as I can for the next three-ish years until I feel I can do it.

And I will do it, just watch.

So that is what I've learned about myself through my cleanse. I knew it before, I guess, but now it is solidified in my mind. I am beginning to respect my body again and that is really the greatest thing I could have asked for from this cleanse.

One more day left everyone! And I'm going to go ahead and toot my own horn to say that I totally rock when it comes to the right amount of ingredients. I have exactly enough syrup and lemons to get through tomorrow--with no extra!! Thank God because I have a feeling that maple and lemons will not be in the menu anytime soon haha.

Well I'm off to see Harry Potter soon! I know I'm so late in seeing it but I haven't had time. Then I have work tomorrow for the first half of my last day of the MC, and then I'm going shopping again (and actually buying stuff this time) for the second half.

Peace and love and healthy thoughts!

P.S. My computer isn't sick anymore! At least I don't think so...I'll have my Daddy check it when I'm home :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day eight



Well today was an exciting day! MC-wise I haven't felt terrible or anything so that's good. I went to see my new house that I'm living in this morning. It is ADORABLE! Hard wood floors, perfect-sized rooms, beautiful layout. I'm excited. And best of all...I officially do not have to live with my current disrespectful roommates anymore! So I move in there next month :)

Then I went to a street sale which was fun to see everything but I get so frustrated when I go shopping. I always talk myself out of buying stuff because I don't want to spend the money. But I haven't bought anything for myself in so long that I really wanted to get something. It's just that when I try something on it never looks as good as it did in my head which is so frustrating and upsetting! Oh well.

Well my computer is sick with a psycho virus so I'm trying to clean that up right now.


Peace and love,

P.S. I entered another giveaway for coconut oil

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day seven

'Ello 'ello

It's day seven!!!!! Three more days to go!!!!!!!!!!!


Hehe. Well today started out at the good ol' internship (most boring experience of my life). I've found that I'm able to get through it more easily though. The MC has really cleared my head and my focus is much sharper (though I still think I have ADD).

I'm getting so excited for next week! Not just because it will be the end of my cleanse (and the start of my new raw-focused and healthier life) but because I get to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in awhile! One of my best friends is visiting some family in the area so he and his family are going to stop by to visit me AND I might be able to hitch a ride back home with them because I was planning on going home next weekend anyway! Woo hoo! No sketchy bus for me! And of course just going home is cause for pure excitement! I love my family and high school friends, they are irreplaceable and truly wonderful!

SYTYCD last night was incredible! Jason and Jeanine blew my mind with their absolutely breathtaking routine, I can't get over it!! Ahh love :)
SYTYCD - Jeanine & Jason - Contemporary by homorazzi.

Anyway today was great! I feel great--body, mind and soul :) My Smooth Move tea kept me up for about an hour last night (icky) but it's part of the process so I guess I have to take it. I haven't been doing the Smooth Move every day. I did it at the end of day one, two, three, and six. Then I plan on doing it again tonight. And once more time at the end of day ten. This is mostly because I have morning stuff after the days I don't take it and I don't want to be miserable if it didn't completely do it's thing the night before. Also I only have that many tea bags left. And also because I just don't feel right about taking laxatives every day, even if it is for only ten days.

So, almost done! I'm looking forward to a big ol' salad! Today in class everyone brought snacks there were: dark chocolate kisses (I brought them...courtesy of my roommate), single serving packets of trail mix (I also brought those), Twislers, Now and Laters, mini doughnuts (the nasty Hostess kind that come in a bag), and brownies. Quite an array of disgusting. And guess what???? I didn't want any of it. Well...the trail mix looked mighty yummy and there were still a few bags left over that I took home with me for post-cleanse (because trail mix is legit) but I was disgusted by the other items and had no desire for them what-so-ever! YEAH MAN!

And that's my day. I also went on Clare's blog for nutter butter so hopefully I get that hehe :)

Peace and love and love and love and love!

P.S. And can I just say that this post is so great and helpful for mindset while coming off the Master Cleanse! It really spoke to me today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day six

Hello buttercups!

Day six is coming to a close. I felt soooo much better today, what a relief! I didn't get a chance to workout because I had work and then my internship and then I had to watch So You Think You Can Dance (completely addicted) but that's okay.

One of my best friends' birthdays is next weekend. I'm in charge of baking her a cake! Well it won't be raw but it will be vegan (probably not gluten free). I'll definitely post the recipe because I'm really excited about it and I'm kind of making it up (it will have lots of fruit hehe)!

On the downside, another one of my friends' birthdays is on Friday. Day 8. She really wants to go out to eat but I don't know what to do. I don't want to tell any of my friends that I'm on the MC because they won't understand it and will think I'm trying to starve myself or something. I know that's what I would have thought if I wasn't open to things like this. I suppose I can just fake a stomach ache and not get anything but I feel bad. Don't worry though, I won't break my Master Cleanse, I'll take her out to dinner another time to make up for it. *sigh* the troubles of the non-SAD eaters.

It's such a pain, you know? I'm sick of people thinking I'm weird for not wanting to kill myself with deep-fried oreos and BLTs. Why does it matter to other people if I don't feel like eating meat and cheese huh? I mean, more for them right? How is it that a person who eats 100% raw is looked at as stranger than a 300 lb person who eats 5 egg and sausage mcmuffins for breakfast every day? I hate the American attitude toward food I really really do. I just don't get it.

Okay done with my rant.

OH MY GOODNESS FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for smoothies and salads again :)

Peace and love and only four more days!

Answer to a Comment

Hey everyone! This is not my post for the day but I had a great comment that I would like to address. I was going to just comment back but then my comment turned into a novel, plus I think it's important for anyone going on the Master Cleanse to keep this in mind:

Hi there.
I am on day 1 of the cleanse and I just found your blog. Its VERY helpful!! Thank you!! I was wondering, how much weight have you lost? Also, I noticed you are still drinking coffee, how is that going? I have a massive headache b/c I am having caffeine w/drawls! NOT FUN! Also, I refused to give up some chewing so I had my usual 2 boiled egg whites in the AM, I need SOME protein! Again, thank you for posting I am really looking forward to your next entry.

First of all, I'm glad I could help someone :)

I am hoping for some weight loss during the cleanse but I have not weighed myself before or during so I'm not sure how much I've lost. I don't own a scale and I don't want to become too obsessed with a number. My clothes are starting to feel more lose though so I'd estimate that I've lost at least 5 pounds so far (I'm not very good at guessing though). I think it's important to make the Master Cleanse not about weight loss. Yes, it is a wonderful side effect (and one of the reasons why I'm doing it) but most importantly the Master Cleanse should be about making yourself healthy. It's a great doorway to a new diet (if you're a SAD eater-go veggie, if you're a veggie-go vegan, if you're vegan-try raw, etc.) or just a way to put your foot down and majorly cut down on junk food. Either way it's about a lifestyle change and, yes, weight loss fits into that but your weight will just go right back up (and quickly) unless you change your eating habits in the long run post-cleanse.

And yes I am still drinking coffee, not on the cleanse of course, but I will be going back to it afterward just because it isn't something I WANT to give up. I know that coffee supposedly isn't good for you and I am aware that I may be slightly (hehe) addicted to the caffeine but I know that if I actually wanted to give it up, I could. I just love the taste and the comfort and everything about it and I really don't think coffee compromises my health enough for me to eliminate it from my diet (I only drink about a cup a day anyway). Leading up to the cleanse I had switched to black tea for about a week so my caffeine withdrawal isn't so bad now. Day one I had a massive headache which probably had something to do with that but part of what the MC does is break addictions so I'm over it by now.

And now...THE PROTEIN QUESTION. Oh American culture, how silly you are. We are taught from an early age to eat protein protein protein. Protein must go with EVERY MEAL to build STRONG MUSCLES. So so silly. We actually do not need that much protein every day. It's ridiculous. And what's more ridiculous is that American culture seems to think the only way you can get protein is through MEAT AND DAIRY. Grosssssss. See, the thing is is that meat and dairy are complete sources of protein. The only vegan complete source of protein is quinoa (which can be sprouted in raw form). So how do vegans and raw foodies get complete protein? COMBINATION!!! Yay! If you combine enough fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds you're set! For example, many Latin American and Asian cultures do not eat much meat or dairy. They get their complete protein from a combination of beans and rice or beans and corn. Both make complete sources of protein. As far as being on the MC and needing don't. You get enough nutrients from the maple syrup, cayenne and lemon (it's not just random ingredients thrown together...there's a reason for them). The MC is not designed for very extended amounts of time either. 10-30 days without protein is fine, just don't try and build muscle during this time. Adding any sort of food to the MC (including coffee!!!) greatly alters the effects so it's not a good idea to do. Check out peanutterb's post here: I think that pretty much covers it.

So I'll post later today about how day six is going, I just wanted to answer that post first, but not I have to run to my internship!

Peace and love!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day five

Wow difficult day! I woke up this morning feeling super energized and wonderful and READY TO GO! But gradually throughout the day I've just been wanting to cram food--any food--into my face!

Just the thought of the maple syrup makes me nauseous so it's been difficult to get enough of that in. I don't think I can work out today because of it (not enough calories to spare).

Grrr I'm frustrated. Day five is supposed to be a cinch! Well at least I'm halfway through right?

And maybe part of the problem is I had work in my coffee shop today so I was surrounded by bakery and sandwich items. Plus it was all I could do to keep myself from slurping down a soy cappuccino (my fav--and I'm not giving it up by the way, my coffee will remain)! THEN I had class and since it's a discussion of short stories (creative writing class) people bring in snacks every time. Today it was doughnuts and Oreos. I don't even like doughnuts but I could not keep my eyes off of them the entire two hours of class! So now all I can think about are pastries and breads which I won't eat after this cleanse (unless it's vegan and gluten free....and mostly raw). And now I'm watching Ace of Cakes on the Food network. Ahhhh why do I torture myself?

the doughnut had it comin' by googlit.

Oh man I hope tomorrow is better. But I have work again tomorrow morning too so we'll see. I gotta be strong! I'm halfway there, I can do this!!!!!!!

Peace and love

Monday, July 13, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day four

Yummy! I am dripping sweat haha. I just got back from a hip hop class that was super intense today (or maybe I'm just a little weaker than normal). I was going to stick around afterward for a strength training class but was just too pooped to consider it, plus I've heard that you're not supposed to do lifting during the Master Cleanse due to the bodily acids it stirs up? I don't know. Anyway all I know is that I feel SO GOOD after that workout and all that sweating is releasing toxins through my pores hellz yes!

Day four was no problem again. That frickin Smooth Move tea though produces some uncomfortable cramping when it's doing it's thang. Ewww TMI :P

Today I am craving pizza! But the raw kind (which is a good sign, GO MASTER CLEANSE!). I found a version that I cannot wait to try here. The recipe isn't listed so I'll have to make up my own as best I can. I will definitely try that...probably in about two weeks...and let you know how it goes :)

I think working out will make the rest of my cleanse breeze by. Pushing myself to workout, however, means I have to up my maple syrup intake (much to my distaste) but it releases soooo many toxins and keeps my metabolism going so that these 10 days on a much lower caloric intake than normal doesn't slow me down once I start eating eating again. I'm definitely focusing on cardio for the next 6 days and then I will start lifting again once I'm done with the cleanse. Oh baby after my last Master Cleanse, I started lifting afterward and running and the pounds just continued to melt off as I became more toned and strong. It was almost effortless!! At that point in my life I felt more in shape than I think I ever have before and I was eating so healthily (even though it wasn't 100% raw). I'm excited to get back to that point again and stay there because I know I can :)

Well I have to get my sweaty butt in the shower because I'm going out to a movie with some of my friends for an outdoor showing!

Peace and love and sweaty giggles!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day three

Another good day :)

This cleanse is easier than my last cleanse I think. I feel so much better and the effects are already starting to slightly show!

Well as I said yesterday, I'm not a fan of the lemonade, maple syrup, cayenne combination. Last time I did the Master Cleanse, it really didn't bother me but this time the maple syrup is just too sweet for me to handle so if I take it in one spoonful and chase it with the lemon water, it's much more bearable.
Today I tried the lemon in some herbal iced tea (no sugar, all natural organic) tropical red rooibos. It was yummy and I drank most of it before I decided to take a picture and share. And yes that is a curly straw you see, it's okay to be jealous :P

So I've realized that food website are like porn right now. Seriously, I could not stop looking up raw recipes last night that I wanted to try and all I could do was stare and drool. It's not that I'm hungry, it's just that I miss tasting and chewing and savoring. I cannot wait to start making green smoothies again and I've been craving a big ol' salad with avocado and fresh corn (kind of a tex-mex mix). Mmmm in just one more week!

Well I'm past the day three mark which means it should be pretty smooth sailing from here. Tomorrow and Tuesday (days four and five) could still be a little difficult but after day five it's all downhill!! Woop woop!

Tomorrow I will also be adding in a workout so we'll see how that goes :)

Peace and love and rooibos lip smacking!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day two

When life gives you lemons, do a Master Cleanse!

Wow today I feel soooooo much better! Yesterday after I posted my headache got worse and worse and I just felt like crap. So I went to bed and slept for almost 12 hours and now I feel great!

I had work again today and later I'm doing some laundry. I haven't started exercising yet because I really want to wait till I'm past the 3 day mark (which means I can start on Monday).

I'm surprised I feel so good today. Last time I felt crappy until day 4, we'll see how this goes. Also, I've decided to only to the smooth move tea every other day starting tonight (oh boy). I understand its purpose but I don't like the idea of taking laxatives every day.

And then last night I kept having dreams where I'd be in a situation where I had to eat something even though I was on the Master Cleanse. I was so upset each time and this morning I woke up and was so relieved that I hadn't failed. That used to happen when I first went vegetarian and then vegan. I would have dreams where I was eating meat or cheese or eggs and I would feel so guilty and upset and then in the morning when I woke up I would be so relieved.

Today I also tried my lemonade a different way. I'm not too fond of the combination of the syrup, lemon, and cayenne all together so I drank it that way once this morning. Then this afternoon I just had 2 tablespoons of the syrup off the spoon, drank my lemon and water together (I loooooove lemon water) and had my cayenne pepper in a shot of water. It is much easier to get it all down and MUCH more enjoyable. I don't think this would compromise the effects of the MC at all, but I'm going to try if I can find out for sure.

I'm skipping the salt all together this time. Last time I almost puked each time I tried it so eventually I just woke up in the morning and chugged a bunch of water. That got things moving so I think that's perfect for me.

I haven't really had cravings today either which is nice because those things are killing when you're trying to fast/cleanse. I did have to make hummus at work today though and it smelled soooo good I just wanted a little taste. I resisted, don't worry, but I don't know if I can give it up being raw. I love love love beans. *sigh* I'll try to find some raw recipes but I'm not sure if I will give up beans yet, we'll see. The cleanse will tell all haha.

Peace and love and day two smiles!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Master Cleanse: Day One

Dun dun-dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun can't touch this!

Haha every time someone uses "MC" as an abbreviation for Master Cleanse I think of MC Hammer and "Can't Touch this" pops into my head.

Well it is day one, lovelies! Let's get ready for the start of some change!!!

Day one was a little rough. I had work early this morning so maybe it was because I was tired and didn't get a chance to have any of the lemonade until this evening but I had a major headache and a serious case of the sleepies. After drinking some lemonade I felt much better though :)

Not only does the Master Cleanse give your body a chance to refresh and renew, but it gives you a chance to re-evaluate your health and your life. So here's some things I want to accomplish through Master Cleanse:
  • Weight Loss- yeah yeah I know that it isn't a good idea to go on the MC just to lose weight but it is a wonderful perk, I do need to lose some weight, and it isn't the only reason I'm doing it so there :P
  • Eating habits- I want to come off the cleanse respecting my body by monitoring what I put into it. So yes, while those french fries or sweets taste incredible, it's just poison that is limiting my health
  • Exercise- I want to set up a daily routine for myself hopefully during the cleanse (if I have enough energy which I think I will) but definitely afterward.
  • Life- I want to enjoy life more and go out there and grab it. When I feel better about myself and allow myself to have more energy by consuming only foods that enable that, life is just 10000% more enjoyable
Well that's it for now. Tonight (and this weekend) I'm going to make sure I get a lot of rest so my body can adjust to the cleanse.

Peace and love and lemony beginnings!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's start the pre-cleanse!

Okay...Master Cleanse starts this Friday. Anyone with me? I'm excited!!!

This week I need to focus extra hard on easing myself into the cleanse, it's so important to not view it as a "this is my last chance to eat ______!" week. I don't have that urge though. I'm so excited to just finally push myself to get rid of my unhealthy food addictions. Aaaaand focus extra hard on working out.

So far so good :) I went to the farmer's market this weekend with my family and got lots of yummy fruits and veggies so I'll be finishing those in the next couple days and then onto lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper!

Peace and love and pre-cleanse goodness!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm moving forward!

I am proud of myself this week :)

I really like every other day fasting (even though I didn't today) and I'm also happy that I started really focusing on working out. I didn't work out yesterday but I did some strength training today and I feel great!

Next week I think I'm really going to focus on running and getting back into running shape. I ran a 5K this past Thanksgiving (my first race ever!) and felt incredible! I'm going to make it my goal to do a 10K this coming fall (and maybe a 5K or two before that). I always thought I hated running but my body embraces just takes motivation to stay in shape for it!!

Anyway I've been doing a pretty good job about eating gluten-free (and obviously vegan) on the days I haven't fasted this week. I will just focus on that until my Master Cleanse (which will start next weekend) and then use that as my transition to raw! I'm excited guys, this will be an adventure!

Well I have a big weekend coming up. I'm meeting tomorrow with someone to hopefully sign a sublease so I don't have to worry about complications when I study abroad this spring and my family is visiting for the weekend (not to mention all the 4th of July festivities)! So forgive me if I don't update.

Peace and love and cheers to getting on track again!