Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Woo!! Be proud of me, my lovelies, because I just had a greaaaaat workout :)

I ran (for the first time in ages), just a mile but it was solid and my legs felt at home. Then I did a good 20 minutes on the cross trainer and then I did an hour long yogalates class!! Pair that with 2 water fasts, mostly raw food and no gluten this week and I feel incredible!!

Not only that but I had my first review of my first short story in my creative writing class today and for the most part it was pretty well-received. I got a lot of positive feedback and some wonderful ideas for revision.

Oooo the future's so bright :)

Peace and love and ENDORPHINS!!


lilearthmuffin said...

sounds like you have been busy! your blog looks great and I cant wait to read about all of your progress! I have never tried yogalties but I have thought about it - how did you like it?



iluvlife said...

Hi Michal,

Yogalates is INTENSE! Haha I'm taking it as a class through my gym at school (so it's super cheap which is awesome) and I thought it was going to be a nice yoga-ish breathing cool-down after my run but every position originated from planks and I ended up getting quite a work out from that as well. So yeah I would definitely recommend it!