Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Okay another reassessment

Raw is awesome. True fact. I so much admire anyone who is able to live that lifestyle. For me it is wayyyy difficult at this point in my life because I am a poor college kid and cannot afford to buy fun dehydrators and food processors or lots of raw nuts and schtuff (not that those are completely necessary to be raw, it just helps times a billion). Also I kind of feel like I have to hide being raw from people. My mom would absolutely FREAK. She's a nurse (I know I've mentioned this before) and would think I'm malnourished or attempting an eating disorder or something. I can't even tell her about the veganism because she already thinks I don't get enough protein being vegetarian. I have told all my friends that I'm vegan though and they accept it but it's annoying to have to deal with all their questions and exclamations of how "weird" and "unfortunate" it is. *eye roll* So a closet raw foodie life is very difficult.

I've decided I'm not going to focus on it. Instead I'm going to focus on being a healthy vegan. I will stay away from uber processed food and gluten (which rules out most non-raw food anyway). And I will try to make the best decision in the moment that I can. I still love my green smoothies and will mostly be having those. So I'll be aiming at raw, I guess but not feel bad if I slip up a couple days, just as long as I don't go on a non-raw, barely vegan eating binge...or any kind of binge (cough cough, trail mix).

I was just at a really good place this past fall. It wasn't raw but it was vegan. Mostly fruits and salads but dinner would usually be rice and steamed veggies. I was at my ideal weight, I was active and I felt great and best of all, it was fairly effortless once I got going. That's where I want to be again and if I can be happier and feel better not-raw than I do when I'm trying to be raw, then I think that's where I should be and come back to a raw focus later in life.

So that is where I stand right now and that is what I'm going to be focusing on when I go home this weekend.

Last night was my first ballroom dancing class. So much fun. I am so excited to become better at it (because I'm not used to that style of dance so I felt kind of awkward). And what a workout! It was different than I expected though, more of a toning workout because the way you have to hold yourself. Oh baby and let me tell you, salsa is definitely good for the abs (six-pack here I come!), my dance friends and I decided we're going to go salsa dancing at one of the bars on campus every week (because you can get in free before 10 and...why not?) so I am super excited for that! Wooo hooo!!!!!!!!

Then...my gym classes started this week! I haven't been able to go yet though because I did ballroom last night and I had my internship during the day. But in a little bit I'm going to go to three in a row! I'll do Zumba, a strength training one, and then a yoga! I'm so excited, I love these classes--they keep me so motivated and they kick my butt!

So here's my non-raw intake for the day (I won't post this every day but I felt like it now):
  • Smoothie: banana, spinach, peanut butter (not raw), strawberry, soy milk (not raw)
  • Coffee
  • Smoothie: banana, spinach, pineapple, mango, green tea leaves (I've heard it's good for you to eat the tea leaves too?)
  • Handful of raw sunflower seeds
I'll make another green smoothie when I get back from my workout (probably banana, spinach, peach) and probably have some more sunflower seeds.

Peace and love and simple well-being!

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