Monday, June 29, 2009

Much better

Today was a much better day.

I did another water fast which went really really well (I'm liking this every-other day thing...I might keep it going).

I also hung out with some friends and we went to see a spectacular fireworks show, probably the best I have ever seen. It was such a beautiful night :)

Ahh I love it. I feel very peaceful. I need to spend more time outdoors at night I think. I also did some cleaning today which was very therapeutic.

So we know so far the things that are making my journey easier are:
  • clean environment (even if it means having to clean up after my disgusting roommates)
  • enjoying the beautiful summer nights (OUTSIDE!)
  • water fasting more frequently
Sweet. And then tomorrow I'm going to start working out regularly again. I'd really like to start running too but I probably won't do that tomorrow because I'm going to do a hip hop class and then some strength training. So I'm hoping this is the start of a happy/feel better streak :)

Peace and love and peaceful night,

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