Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm so sorry I never update!!!

Um fail.

Gosh I'm so bad at updating this. Okay well I'm diving into raw headfirst again :) Lots of green smoothies and fruit! I'm also starting up daily workouts. Today is my first ballroom dancing class I will be taking this summer, I'm not sure how much of a workout it will be but I'm hoping it will be fun! Then tomorrow I'm going to hardcore workout. Not sure if I'll have time in my day to workout on Wednesday (I have work and then I cannot miss So You Think You Can Dance). Thursday I will be going home for the weekend. I love love love going home and seeing my family and high school friends because I always miss them and I love them so much but it is impossible to stay raw when I'm at home without drawing the attention of my family (I have mentioned before that they will not support me at all in raw and would not understand it). I'm also always faced with the temptation to overeat when I'm home and not workout. It's terrible.

Well I'll take this week step by step for now. I'm focusing on staying active and raw while I'm at school at least. But I HAVE been getting my sleep lately which is awesome, at least I've got one thing down :)

Okay goal for this week: Update tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday for sure. I might not update over the weekend because I'll be home but we'll see.

I'm sorry for neglecting you, my lovelies!

Peace and love and healthy thinking,

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