Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Woo!! Be proud of me, my lovelies, because I just had a greaaaaat workout :)

I ran (for the first time in ages), just a mile but it was solid and my legs felt at home. Then I did a good 20 minutes on the cross trainer and then I did an hour long yogalates class!! Pair that with 2 water fasts, mostly raw food and no gluten this week and I feel incredible!!

Not only that but I had my first review of my first short story in my creative writing class today and for the most part it was pretty well-received. I got a lot of positive feedback and some wonderful ideas for revision.

Oooo the future's so bright :)

Peace and love and ENDORPHINS!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Much better

Today was a much better day.

I did another water fast which went really really well (I'm liking this every-other day thing...I might keep it going).

I also hung out with some friends and we went to see a spectacular fireworks show, probably the best I have ever seen. It was such a beautiful night :)

Ahh I love it. I feel very peaceful. I need to spend more time outdoors at night I think. I also did some cleaning today which was very therapeutic.

So we know so far the things that are making my journey easier are:
  • clean environment (even if it means having to clean up after my disgusting roommates)
  • enjoying the beautiful summer nights (OUTSIDE!)
  • water fasting more frequently
Sweet. And then tomorrow I'm going to start working out regularly again. I'd really like to start running too but I probably won't do that tomorrow because I'm going to do a hip hop class and then some strength training. So I'm hoping this is the start of a happy/feel better streak :)

Peace and love and peaceful night,

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Master Cleanse?

I'm thinking a Master Cleanse is the way to go.

I did one back in September and had amazing results. We'll see...

My apologies for the short/infrequent posts. Once I figure out my life I'll try and be more regular (haha like you haven't heard that before).

I'm thinking of another water fast tomorrow since yesterday's really helped to clear things up.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm doing a water fast today. I don't know if it's the cleansing of emotions or PMS or what but I cannot get a grip.

I miss my home. I miss my real friends. I miss my family. I miss living in a clean environment (one where I am not the only person who occasionally cleans). I miss having fun. I'm sick of the situation I'm in and I'm sick of feeling like I'm always waiting for life to hit me instead of going out and living it. And I'm not sure what I need to do to fix that--I can't really purge myself of the people who drive me crazy since I live with them, and I can't move back home to where I'm actually happy because I have obligations here. It's so frustrating.

So I'm sorry this post is a downer but I just had to vent. I wanted to talk to my Mom but her phone is turned off (sometimes she forgets to have it on during the day).

And maybe it's the stress from all of this that's making it so hard for me to make healthy decisions. I keep straying toward the junk-foody options instead of fresh fruit and veggies and I cannot find the motivation to go work out.

Ahhh I just don't know what to do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy week

Hello :)

So this weekend home was a little bingey, not going to lie. It was sooo nice to be home though. I love my family so much and I feel like I grow closer and closer to them each time I visit (figures that would happen AFTER I've moved out).

I also got to see some of my best friends from high school. I kind of fell out of contact with them. As you can tell from my lack of daily updates, I'm not very good at keeping up with things. When I came to college two years ago I wanted a new life and new friends, not that I didn't want my old friends, it's just that my parents always had stories and always told me that your BEST friends are made in college. I haven't found that to be true. I have yet to meet the quality of people that I befriended in high school and I feel terrible that I haven't put more effort into keeping up our friendships. I'm happy to say, however, that it hasn't changed anything. We talked and laughed as if time hadn't gone by and I know now that if I actually work at keeping in touch with them, they will remain my best friends my entire life.

I plan for the beginning of this week to be very cleansing for me. I will be sticking to mostly just fruit (more berries and citrus) and water and working out EVERY DAY. Today I did a hip hop class and then a strengthening class and I feel great! I've decided not to continue with ballroom dancing because the lessons are pretty pricey for something I don't absolutely LOVE and I've found that this hip hop class (which is at the same time) is so much more enjoyable and fits nicely in my budget.

This week is going to be non-stop busy for me. I have a jam-packed schedule of work, internship, my first week of my creative writing class and working out until Thursday when I go home again (for my little brother's graduation party...this past weekend was the graduation ceremony).

Peace and love,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Okay another reassessment

Raw is awesome. True fact. I so much admire anyone who is able to live that lifestyle. For me it is wayyyy difficult at this point in my life because I am a poor college kid and cannot afford to buy fun dehydrators and food processors or lots of raw nuts and schtuff (not that those are completely necessary to be raw, it just helps times a billion). Also I kind of feel like I have to hide being raw from people. My mom would absolutely FREAK. She's a nurse (I know I've mentioned this before) and would think I'm malnourished or attempting an eating disorder or something. I can't even tell her about the veganism because she already thinks I don't get enough protein being vegetarian. I have told all my friends that I'm vegan though and they accept it but it's annoying to have to deal with all their questions and exclamations of how "weird" and "unfortunate" it is. *eye roll* So a closet raw foodie life is very difficult.

I've decided I'm not going to focus on it. Instead I'm going to focus on being a healthy vegan. I will stay away from uber processed food and gluten (which rules out most non-raw food anyway). And I will try to make the best decision in the moment that I can. I still love my green smoothies and will mostly be having those. So I'll be aiming at raw, I guess but not feel bad if I slip up a couple days, just as long as I don't go on a non-raw, barely vegan eating binge...or any kind of binge (cough cough, trail mix).

I was just at a really good place this past fall. It wasn't raw but it was vegan. Mostly fruits and salads but dinner would usually be rice and steamed veggies. I was at my ideal weight, I was active and I felt great and best of all, it was fairly effortless once I got going. That's where I want to be again and if I can be happier and feel better not-raw than I do when I'm trying to be raw, then I think that's where I should be and come back to a raw focus later in life.

So that is where I stand right now and that is what I'm going to be focusing on when I go home this weekend.

Last night was my first ballroom dancing class. So much fun. I am so excited to become better at it (because I'm not used to that style of dance so I felt kind of awkward). And what a workout! It was different than I expected though, more of a toning workout because the way you have to hold yourself. Oh baby and let me tell you, salsa is definitely good for the abs (six-pack here I come!), my dance friends and I decided we're going to go salsa dancing at one of the bars on campus every week (because you can get in free before 10 and...why not?) so I am super excited for that! Wooo hooo!!!!!!!!

Then...my gym classes started this week! I haven't been able to go yet though because I did ballroom last night and I had my internship during the day. But in a little bit I'm going to go to three in a row! I'll do Zumba, a strength training one, and then a yoga! I'm so excited, I love these classes--they keep me so motivated and they kick my butt!

So here's my non-raw intake for the day (I won't post this every day but I felt like it now):
  • Smoothie: banana, spinach, peanut butter (not raw), strawberry, soy milk (not raw)
  • Coffee
  • Smoothie: banana, spinach, pineapple, mango, green tea leaves (I've heard it's good for you to eat the tea leaves too?)
  • Handful of raw sunflower seeds
I'll make another green smoothie when I get back from my workout (probably banana, spinach, peach) and probably have some more sunflower seeds.

Peace and love and simple well-being!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm so sorry I never update!!!

Um fail.

Gosh I'm so bad at updating this. Okay well I'm diving into raw headfirst again :) Lots of green smoothies and fruit! I'm also starting up daily workouts. Today is my first ballroom dancing class I will be taking this summer, I'm not sure how much of a workout it will be but I'm hoping it will be fun! Then tomorrow I'm going to hardcore workout. Not sure if I'll have time in my day to workout on Wednesday (I have work and then I cannot miss So You Think You Can Dance). Thursday I will be going home for the weekend. I love love love going home and seeing my family and high school friends because I always miss them and I love them so much but it is impossible to stay raw when I'm at home without drawing the attention of my family (I have mentioned before that they will not support me at all in raw and would not understand it). I'm also always faced with the temptation to overeat when I'm home and not workout. It's terrible.

Well I'll take this week step by step for now. I'm focusing on staying active and raw while I'm at school at least. But I HAVE been getting my sleep lately which is awesome, at least I've got one thing down :)

Okay goal for this week: Update tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday for sure. I might not update over the weekend because I'll be home but we'll see.

I'm sorry for neglecting you, my lovelies!

Peace and love and healthy thinking,