Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm going to have Jason Mraz's babies




I just got back from the Jason Mraz concert and my ears have still not recovered from the hour and a half-long orgasm that is the musical genius of the voice of Jason Mraz. And it's not just his voice, it's his lyrics, his presence, his incredible backup band and his message. The last thing he said as he was leaving the stage was to live your life with gratitude.


Wow, so incredible. Why don't I remember that simple word more often? It seems to be one of those concepts that is always being placed on the back burner. But if you listen to any of Jason Mraz's lyrics, it's not just about living your life with gratitude but without worries and making it the most it can be. And I don't think he's one of those artists who sings about something just because it sounds good, he actually means it and lives his life by it and that is so admirable.

Anyway I finished up the juice fast strong (sorry about the lack of updates), loaded up on some greens at the Farmer's Market yesterday and tomorrow I'm hitting up the fruit stand. Tomorrow's supposed to be gorgeous so I'm planning on soaking up some sunshine. And yeah...that's it from my end of life for now!

Peace and love and GRATITUDE!

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