Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekly Goals

I love lists. I have a regular to do list, a "To Buy" list, a list for things I need to bring home/bring to school from home, a list of all the classes I need to take in the next two years and which semester I will be taking them in, a summer to do list, and a list of things I want to accomplish in my life (Bucket List).
I have a Google Calendar to keep track of my life (if you don't have one, I would highly recommend it), separate ones for work, everyday, ask-off times and my weather updates and task list (general to do and to buy).
I have separated my spending money into how much I want for which things (clothes, ballroom lessons, going out with friends, etc).
I have a file box sorting out every important piece of paper and document I need.
And I cannot stand leaving my room without my bed being made.

OCD much? Maybe. But these things help me stay focused and on top of my life. Another thing I love is setting goals for myself so I've decided that I will set a weekly bettering of my life goal from now on (and yes this is bugging me that I have decided to start this in the middle of the week). But maybe that's better. They can be hump day goals. I like it.

Okay so this week I have noticed that (especially getting up at 5:45 every morning for work) I am not getting enough sleep and it is affecting every other part of my life. I overeat when I'm tired to make up the energy. I drink more caffeine than usual. I don't feel very well so I don't workout. And I am generally just more grumpy and anti-social. So this week especially I'm going to focus on getting more sleep (at least eight hours). I have work early again tomorrow morning so I'm going to watch So You Think You Can Dance with some of my dance friends and then come home and go to bed around 9 or 9:30. Yes, it's kind of grandma-ish but I don't care because I NEED MY SLEEP! Then Friday I don't have work so I am sleeping in till forever and Saturday and Sunday I don't have work till noon which is nice as well. I think this is a good goal to start with because it will make everything easier from now on!

Oh and I kind of unofficially said it yesterday but I'm trying to drink more water too (which I have been doing a wonderful job on) so this week is a double-goal week.

Peace and love and lots of Zzzz's,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello everyone :)

After two very stressful weeks of studying/finals and a gluttonous long weekend at home I am ready to get my life back in order!

Here are some updates of what's been happening in mi vida lately...
  • Finals went pretty well. I put in a lot of effort and my ending grades weren't as high as I wanted but what I wanted was a 4.0 for the semester so those expectations were pretty high. But I did the best I could and still did very well so that's all I can ask for and I am content with that.
  • I got into my creative writing classes! I don't know if I told you about those...they're required for my major (English with a creative writing emphasis) but you have to apply to get into the classes which was really frustrating for me because I did not get in this past semester and I really would not like to be in school for more than four years for a frickin English major, you know? So I am taking a Creative writing class this summer (starting in 2 1/2 weeks) and I got into the one I need for fall semester so yay!
  • I'm still working at my coffee shop and loving it! I'll be getting more hours this summer which is FABULOUS and things are looking good there
  • I start my internship at the Press house on Monday. I'll be dealing with digital publishing and I have yet to discover exactly what I will be doing there
  • I went home this past weekend for a nice five days. It was so good to see my family again (I'm homesick already though) and some of my close friends who I haven't been able to see in awhile
So with all that I'm excited to dive back into focusing on my health and making my summer the best it can be! I have a summer to do list all typed up and posted on the wall right by my desk ooo and one of the things on there is to learn salsa and ballroom dancing and I am hoping to take some ballroom dancing classes this summer. I hoping that I will be dancing almost every day!

I just got back from a trip to the grocery store with one of my roomies. I pretty much only got fruit and spinach because my body is craving fruit and green smoothies (perfect because they're so cleansing). I'm also trying to up my water intake because I realized that lately I have been incredibly dehydrated which, of course, is no good.

For tonight I think I'm just going to take it easy and curl up with a good book (my goal is to read at least 20 books I haven't read yet this summer and I want to re-read all the Harry Potter books of course since I do almost every summer).

I can do this! I will be back on track and feeling amazing again in no time! I am frustrated that I have to backtrack so much on the progress I've already made but I know that it will just make me stronger.

Peace and love,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm struggling, friends. I'm too ashamed to blog about it so let me just get through finals week (which finishes Friday the 15th) so I can get my life back together after the tsunami of stress that is just starting to hit...

Peace and love until then,

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm going to have Jason Mraz's babies




I just got back from the Jason Mraz concert and my ears have still not recovered from the hour and a half-long orgasm that is the musical genius of the voice of Jason Mraz. And it's not just his voice, it's his lyrics, his presence, his incredible backup band and his message. The last thing he said as he was leaving the stage was to live your life with gratitude.


Wow, so incredible. Why don't I remember that simple word more often? It seems to be one of those concepts that is always being placed on the back burner. But if you listen to any of Jason Mraz's lyrics, it's not just about living your life with gratitude but without worries and making it the most it can be. And I don't think he's one of those artists who sings about something just because it sounds good, he actually means it and lives his life by it and that is so admirable.

Anyway I finished up the juice fast strong (sorry about the lack of updates), loaded up on some greens at the Farmer's Market yesterday and tomorrow I'm hitting up the fruit stand. Tomorrow's supposed to be gorgeous so I'm planning on soaking up some sunshine. And yeah...that's it from my end of life for now!

Peace and love and GRATITUDE!