Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Water fast!

I love water fasts.

They clear my mind so much and I have had such a productive day (it's not over yet)!

1. I slept in till 11:30 (that's 11 hours of sleep!) which was productive because my mind/body needed that re-charge after the stress and sleeplessness I've put it through.
2. I went to class. Not that I don't go, it's just another bullet point for my list :P
3. I went on a "Hooray for Spring!" walk with two of my roomies and picked up a library card application that I will turn in tomorrow (I didn't have the correct form of ID with me)
3. I went to copy editing at the newspaper AND got a lot of reading for class done in between articles
4. I got more reading done when I got home
5. I put my name on about 3456798982709847250974357328405 class waiting lists so I can graduate on time

Aaaaaand I'm going to get a lot more reading done after I'm done posting this. Aren't you proud of me?

Like I said, water fasts clear my head and make me more focused. Gotta love that! So I'm not breaking this fast until tomorrow morning which means it will be a 30-hour water fast. Niiiiice! Tomorrow I will focus on juicy fruit and then crisp veggies for dinner. Plus I have an intense dance practice tomorrow. Yay for getting back on track!

See how realistic it is?? Straying from raw is not the end of the world and I think so many of us are so focused on the "rules" they have to follow that they forget that raw is a lifestyle and since it is YOUR LIFE you can mould it to however fits you best. For me that means every once and awhile not eating raw and (even though I've given up nuts and seeds for awhile) I won't be too picky about nuts and seeds being 100% raw. For example: I just made hummus yesterday from some canned chickpeas I had left over from my non-raw days. I am not about to throw away perfectly good food that I already had and I'm not going to beat myself up for eating it, so there! I will enjoy my cooked-bean hummus with my crunchy raw vegetables and not have one ounce of guilt for it because I know that I am still bettering my life and diet by making the changes I have already made. I mean I'm not going to buy any more chickpeas after this (unless I decide to try sprouting them sometime) but even if I did, I would not consider it a negative thing at all. Now if I were to constantly eat pizza for dinner or chow down on oreos for snacks every day, that would be a different story. See what I mean? I'm fine with the occasional steamed veggies or cooked beans if they're offered to me because I know that they are still healthy for me (they just might be more lacking in nutrients than raw veggies or sprouted beans) but I'm not going to buy them for myself if I can help it. Sometimes you need to deviate for social reasons--such as going out to eat with friends and there is no raw salad available at the restaurant they chose.

On the other hand, discipline is one of the many wonderful things about raw that sneaks its way (positively) into other aspects of your life. So it's all about a healthy balance (as is with everything in life). And along with that goes a healthy balance of work and play which is another thing I'm trying to focus on. I'm getting better though!!

Peace and love and Yin and Yang,

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