Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretzels and Oreos

OH NO!!! I'm straying guys...hardcore. Tonight is an all-nighter (or at least till around 4am). So I have a bag of honey wheat braided pretzel twists and off-brand (vegan) oreos to get me through. WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF????? Curse you midterms! Ah I feel like a terrible role model to anyone who may be looking to me for inspiration. But guess what? I'm not giving up. I am not throwing raw out the window. No way Carla May! This is just a bump in the road. And you know what? It's a learning experience. Stress makes me eat. Okay, I know that now. In the future I will be more prepared and better able to cope. Rock on! Plus now would be a good time to quickly think back on all the progress I've made so far (a very considerable amount) and make some reachable future goals to help make it harder for me to stray.

Here's the thing (and I think this is my problem at the moment): my family doesn't know I'm going raw. They don't even know I've been vegan for over seven months! See the thing is, my mom's a nurse so she thinks she knows it all. And I mean she does, if you go by SAD standards, but she wasn't train in an alternative nutrition track so she has been brainwashed to follow the SAD food pyramid (left). She freaks out enough that I don't eat meat (I'm not going to get enough protein or iron and I'm going to become anemic). So to me, it's not worth the argument. I'm at school full-time so I make the decisions about what I eat. If when I go home I have to eat a little cooked food and some *gulp* dairy products to prevent her from being unnecessarily worried and upset, then that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I know I just won't feel too hot for a couple days but it doesn't mean I can't follow the lifestyle I choose. I mean YUCK, look at all that bread I'm "supposed" to eat. I'd rather just cut off the top of that pyramid (and the bottom) and make it more of a rectangle.

So this weekend (Easter weekend) I know I'm going to have to stray from the raw, and even vegan, path and I think that's why I've allowed myself to slip a day early. I'm not trying to justify and early slip, but I don't feel like I'm really losing anything if I do, I guess...if that makes sense. Not that I don't still feel guilty. I will just tighten my efforts for post-break (and try as hard as I can during break not to indulge in chips and salsa if I don't need to), pick myself up and keep on trudging!

Now onto exciting news: I had my first day of work today!!! Oh my goodness I keep falling more and more in love with this coffee shop. It's a hippie's paradise! The owner is this adorable, late-twenties woman who is so positive and full of life that you cannot help but be excited about life as well when you're working with her. She's this tiny woman but she was telling me today about how she has her Kung Fu test tomorrow to earn her next belt and I could help but laugh out loud. I mean, you would just never expect someone like her to do Kung Fu but she totally just went for it because it sounded fun and didn't think twice. What an inspiration to live by! And I feel so cheesy (raw nut cheese, of course) saying this but she is quickly becoming my role model. Not only did she start this small business (which seems to be thriving, by the way), but she has gone the extra mile to make it something special even if she has to sacrifice a little to do it. The store is run on total wind energy, they recycle everything they possibly can (including the coffee grounds), she buys local un-pasteurized (or whatever it's called) milk (which isn't vegan but still way more eco-friendly), she buys loose leave, amazing tea from a small, local seller, she buys organic honey from a local bee keeper, practically everything sold is organic, she promotes local artists and music groups, and she values a sense of community with her customers above anything else. It's incredible! Plus she's friends with this lady who does feng shui professionally and is also into the healing/mystical powers of different types of stones and she wants to get her in to do a special presentation/spring cleaning feng shui ideas as a spring event for the coffee shop. So that just made me really happy today, it is so nice to have a role model and I think by incorporating her spunk and love of life into my own, along with a raw diet, things can only get better :)

Well dearies I still have more to do than I can handle tonight but I just had to write a blog entry for you all as a little reflection and motivation-booster! Wish me luck!

Peace and love and kung fu possitivity,

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