Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love is in the air

Hello my lovelies :)

As the arrival of spring becomes more of a reality, relationships are beginning to bloom along with the flowers. Two of my roommates are each starting new relationships and our entire house is brimming with excitement. It's not just these new romantic relationships that are blooming, but relationships between the roommates are improving as well. We were all ridiculously sick of each other a matter of weeks ago and I swear I could strangled a few of my roommates for awhile but it seems like everyone is miraculously getting along again and it puts me in even MORE of a positive mood than I have been the last couple days :)

It's the season of love, babies! It's our biological nature, everyone's doing it! The birds, the bees, the bunnies, we humans think we're so above our fellow creatures but we don't realize that we are powerless to instinct to find love in this breeding season. And like I said before, possibility is just shimmering in the air! I haven't been in a relationship in a loooong time but with all these changes, I feel like I'm getting a better hold on life and since I'm staying on campus this year...well, love bunnies, you know what they say about summer romance ;)

Ahhh I have to share with you this wonderful smoothie I made for lunch today! I just kind of whipped up what I had. It's ULTRA vitamin C--as in I will never get sick again! I put in some OJ, a grapefruit, frozen strawberries, some fresh mint and a sprinkle of cinnamon then vrooooooom! in the blender and I had the most refreshing, summery, citrus-mint smoothie imaginable! So delish! This week is use-up-everything week because after Easter weekend I'm going to con my parents into buying me groceries when they drop me back off at school hehe :P

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