Monday, April 27, 2009

Juice Fast day #2

Hello Lovelies sorry I didn't update on the crucial first day of my juice fast but the report is that it's going very well :)

Yesterday, the first day, I slept in a little then went to work. I went to my friend's last improv show of the year which was fun and then I came home and ended up hanging out with some of my roommates, which was actually nice to sit and just chill with them (though they're back to being irritating and inconsiderate today *sigh* baby steps, people, baby steps). I really wasn't all that hungry yesterday and actually didn't have any desire for food-food until around dinner time, but it wasn't overwhelming and I just drank my juice and was satisfied.

Today I had work early-early this morning. I ride my bike to work and there's this HUGE hill I have to go up to get there. Now, usually I have to stop at some point on the hill and walk my bike up the rest of the way (seriously, it is so steep) but today I pushed myself to bike up the entire thing! Woo! I felt so accomplished! Still not overwhelmingly hungry today, just wanting to chew. I'm exhausted though, but that might just be because I stayed up late watching a movie with my roomies and then only got maybe 4 hours of sleep because I had to get up early for work. I took a little nap though (which is another huge accomplishment because it is usually impossible for me to take naps). Hopefully I can be productive tonight, I have a dance meeting in a couple hours to determine captainship for next year and such and then after that I'm probably just going to pass out early for the night (I have work again early tomorrow morning). But I'm excited that this juice fast is going so well! Usually the first 3 days are supposed to be the most difficult so I've got one and two down, let's see what tomorrow brings!

Peace and love and juicy kisses!

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