Monday, April 13, 2009

It's all about ME!

4 exams, 3 papers and 33 days until summer!!! Are you as excited as I am??? (I don't think that's even possible)

I have discovered Pandora Radio (I's been around for awhile) and it is incredible. I strongly encourage everyone to play with it RIGHT NOW because music is the expression of the soul :) Ahhh it puts me in such a good mood!

Today I had one of my ridiculous exams. Ick I was so pressed for time that it is completely unrealistic to hope for an A but I'm hoping my professor will be sympathetic because if I had had a little more time I could have ROCKED that exam. And then I had a take-home essay exam due today. I don't even want to think about them though because they're done and I am freeeeeee for awhile :)

With these weights (exams) off my chest, I can now focus again on my body and apologizing to it after how I have treated it this Easter weekend (sorry body!). I have decided I am definitely doing a 24 hour water fast tomorrow (actually that started at around quarter to six this evening, sweet!) so that will make me get back on track and give my body a chance to heal, plus I've been good all day which is important to do before a fast. I am so excited for how I am going to treat myself this summer! It will be all about focusing on living, healthy rawness, yoga, running, spirituality, my writing and a general peace and happiness. I mean shouldn't that be what we always focus on? *sigh* sometimes life just gets in the way I guess :P But no...we should make our lives fit to how we want them to be, not fit what we want to how our lives are trucking along. Do you know what I mean?

So that's my goal for the rest of the semester. To focus on me and my happiness (not selfishly of course) despite the stress and obligations I have to focus on. I'm going to start doing things that make me feel peaceful. Let's incorporate a few candles here and there, time to listen to music, and some moments to smell the soon-blooming! flowers. I'm going to do things I love and love my life for it!!

Peace, love and HAPPINESS :)

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