Saturday, April 25, 2009

Incredible Weekend

Ahh it's only Saturday early afternoon and it's already been such an incredible weekend!

Yesterday was beyond gorgeous outside way surpassing spring and heading straight for summer standards. We had our last dance performance of the year (bitter-sweet) outside on campus which was AWESOME because it could not have been a more perfect way to end then season. Then two of my closest friends on the team and I laid out in the sun for a couple hours to soak up some much needed vitamin D, and I am happy to report that I am no longer pasty white hehe :) I was so happy to hang out with them because I usually don't really see them outside of dance practice but they're both staying on campus this summer too so we're going to be like the Three Musketeers and, I don't know, it's just really refreshing to start building such strong relationships with new people (or people who you just haven't really hung out with that much), especially since things have been shaky with my roommates lately.

So after the sun started going down I stopped at my apartment quick to get ready to go on a nice long bike ride but I found one of my roommates at home, completely upset because two of my other roommates had ditched her to go to the bars (they had planned to have a cookout that night). So I invited her to go on a bike ride with me but she didn't have her bike at school yet so we went on a walk instead along the train tracks by the lake. It was so beautiful and the lake breeze was so strong but it felt so good on the hot summer (yes, I'm calling it summer) afternoon! And it was a good 4 mile walk at least so while my heart rate didn't really get up, it was still getting my feet moving and going outdoors!

Then one of my two before-mentioned dance friends invited me to a small get together/party with her at one of her friend from work's houses so we played flip cup and beer pong in their front yard to celebrate the beautiful weather. And yes, I am fully aware that beer is not raw or healthy, or even close to being those two, but face it people, I'm a college kid and while I don't party nearly as much as any of my other friends here (I actually often get called "Grandma" because I choose to stay in and relax most weekends instead of partying), I'm not a saint and I'm going to take advantage of the only time in my life where I can be stupid, thank you very much :) So anyway we did that and it was fun and semi-spontaneous on my part because I usually don't like to go to parties or get-togethers where I don't know many people but I was kind of in a mood to be outgoing yesterday so I went and I met new people and I had a blast.

Funny story about last night: everyone decided they were going to leave to go somewhere else toward the end of the night (I think a bar) so the guy who owned the house locked the door behind him before he left and I waited for my friend because she was going to use the bathroom first. So we left and the door locked behind us and then we realized we had left our purses inside the locked house. My friend called the guy who lives there but his phone wasn't ringing and they had already walked too far to hear us. So I started picking the lock with a $5 pair of sunglasses, not really expecting it to work but just because I was, okay kind of drunk and I thought it was funny. AND THE DOOR OPENED! Haha seriously? We broke into the house with a pair of $5 plastic sunglasses. How hilarious is that?! I still can't stop laughing!

So tonight is my dance formal--the official last hurrah of the season. We're going to get dinner and drinks and then heading back to my friend(who invited me to the party last night)'s apartment to dance and be silly. And just a disclaimer: I usually only go out one night per weekend if at all so this is an exception but I love it because I'm having so much fun! Usually when I go out (with my roommates) I end up wanting to leave early or I get too tired and end up having a sucky weekend but this weekend is awesome and if every weekend this summer is like this, then I may have to step up my game a little ;)

Well tomorrow starts my 5-day juice fast! Woo! I am so excited! I walked to Trader Joe's this morning in the thunder storm (I was definitely one of those little kids who played outside in the puddles and rain so this was an enjoyable walk) to get my juice. I don't have a juicer (and I can't afford one) so I have to buy already-made juice, which I realize is probably not raw but I got all-natural, unsweetened, unfiltered apple juice which has no artificial flavors or preservatives and the ingredients list only has one ingredient (unfiltered Gala apple juice). So I figure it's the best I can do. I'll probably get some citrus juice next. It's just so hard to do this raw thing 100% correctly on my budget and my atmosphere. I'm trying though and I know my body is thanking me for every effort I make! So juice fast, here I come! My allergies are absolutely murdering me today (the ONLY downside to spring...and the rain isn't helping) but I hate medicine. I mean I have allergy medicine but the idea of adding those chemicals to my body isn't very appealing (I didn't get a flu shot because of that this year). So I'm hoping if I just stick it out these first couple weeks of allergy season, I can build up some sort of immunity. Or do you think the juice fast will help? We'll see, in the meantime I'll try to resist scratching my eyes out.

Peace and love and splashing puddles!

P.S. I probably should have put this disclaimer up wayyyy earlier but I get all my images from Flickr so I am not claiming them as my own, just using them as decoration for my posts. Except my profile pic, that one's mine :)

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