Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HUMP DAY! (for the juice fast anyway)

Today is the hump day of my 5 day juice fast--day #3. It's all downhill from here (hopefully)!

Well day #3 turned out to be much more difficult than days 1 and 2, and not because I had to tie my hands behind my back to keep myself from shoving solid food down my throat but because of how I feel. I don't know if it's allergies, lack of sleep, detox symptoms or a combination of the three, but I do not feel well today at all! I feel all bloaty and my stomach keeps making weird noises so I'm hoping that's due to detox and not swine flu (ha kidding). Ahhh all I want is to go to bed (but I have to write an English paper).

Good news is I had a meeting with my roommates today to discuss summer living situations (since some of us are staying and some are going home) the conclusion is I get my own room for half the summer which is AWESOME because I've had to share a room the whole year and it's getting to be a pain because I'm the kind of girl who values her alone time (plus if I end up having a summer romance, that might come in handy *wink*). Ahhh one more thing to look forward to this summer!

Anyway just a quick update! I have to work on my English paper so I can actually get some sleep tonight.

Two days till grapefruit and oranges (post juice-fast meals). 18 days till summer and my own room!

Peace and love and hump day giggles!

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