Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Did you hug your tree today?

Well Sunshines, I have some bad news to report: I am not being a good girl this week at all. The water fast epically failed. Here's the thing about water fasts ladies and gents: you cannot go into them thinking of them as pain and torture and starvation. You need to think of it as a restful and healing cleanse for your body--a vacation if you will. My mindset was completely off so the water fast didn't happen yesterday and instead I keep eating non-raw foods that aren't especially good for me. My willpower has fled! Noooooo! I was going to do my water fast today but then I remembered that I have dance and I absolutely cannot function in practice if I have had nothing to eat all day. So I did an 18 hour water fast which I guess is better than nothing.

So I'm stepping up my game and I'm going to make a plan and declare it right here and now so if I break away from it, I have to face public humiliation and judgement haha. So tomorrow and Friday I will be having a grapefruit for breakfast, a green smoothie for lunch, a delicious salad with the homemade guacamole I just made today, and snacks will be apples if I find them necessary. Saturday I will go to the farmer's market and get some fruit for breakfast there and I will also stock up on some juice for my juice fast. Lunch will be a green smoothie and then I am going out to eat as my end of the year banquet for dance so I will get a salad there and try to have it be as raw as possible. Then Sunday starts my juice fast until Thursday!!! Woo! I am super excited about it!

Also I need to get back into a hardcore exercise routine! Whenever I exercise a lot, I never want to undo it all by overindulging in food so I think this will be the key to force me to stick to raw in the beginning. I was so good for so long and then with one little slip I just kept falling and falling, you know? So here I go! I'm going to take those first few steps and from there it will be smooth sailing! During the summer I will be going to different exercise classes but I think for now I will go on a nice long bike ride every day. I love my bike and it's a good workout but doesn't feel ridiculously strenuous, which is good for when I'm on my juice fast.

Okay that's the plan and I'm sticking to it!

Peace and love and Earthy hugs!

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Morgan Rackham said...

I hear ya on the exercise! I've totally been slacking- I can use exams as an excuse here, but I feel a bit like a slug wearing pajama pants. I've broken my bike out too (easier on my knees) and I've found a lovely route that'd be absolutely perfect and beautiful (goes right beside a lake, all sunny and whatnot) if it weren't the fact that it's along the highway... which means I get to breathe car fume the entire time... not very nice, but soon I'll be home where there's less traffic! woo!