Sunday, April 5, 2009

the future is shining bright!!!

Hello everyone :)

So I'm starting the vegan raw food diet (some great resources are and if anyone wants to join me on my adventure). It's amazing so far, I feel so much more...clean I guess is the right word. I don't get that nasty *ugh I'm so full* feeling and I have so much more positive energy! Peace and love to the world :)

As with any life change, other aspects of my life are changing as well and mostly in positive ways! I just got a new job, I'm doing some spring cleaning not only in my apartment but with my relationships as well, and summer is so close I can already taste the sticky watermelon-y juiciness! Life is grand, my friends, and I hope you think so too!

Today I deviated a little way from raw. I gave into some pita chips and hummus in celebration of my new job but starting tomorrow I'm back to living goodness and I'm going to start running again! Gotta get my booty in shape for that 8K at the end of the month ;) But it's okay because the important thing about anything like this is not to beat yourself up for your mistakes but to look at how far you've come and keep on trudging! I'm coming up on my third week since deciding to go raw and this has really been my only "major" slip so I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back and start with my delightfully juicy grapefruit breakfast tomorrow. Yum yum!

I am just ITCHING for summer. Oh baby it cannot come soon enough!!! I am so sick of this cold and nasty weather. I want to walk barefoot in the grass and sit under the trees and let my winter-whitened skin soak up some good ol' vitamin D! And this summer I am NOT going to take advantage of it! I will have to work (at my new job!!) and I will (hopefully) be taking one summer class but otherwise I will be outside living life in the beautiful outdoors. Ahhh how amazing does that sound? Ooo and I'm going to take a daily yoga class and hopefully some ballroom dancing classes. I can't even handle how excited I am right now!!!

Peace and love and summer day dreaming,

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