Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Body, I'm so sorry!

Ish...not my most healthy weekend, I must say...but at least I stayed vegan the whole time (I promise, the Easter weekend fiasco is a RARE occurrence.)

One of my best friends from high school visited me. Why is it with company you always have to eat out and eat often? Oh American culture, how ridiculously unhealthy you are! So anyway we ate out and we ate a LOT! I was horrified when at the end of the weekend she told me how healthy this weekend had been for her. I mean at least my diet had somewhat of an influence on her (I didn't buy any non-vegan food for her so all of the disgusting, greasy meat she ate had to be when we ate out) but I was disgusted by the contrast of her eating habits versus mine and what she considered healthy because this past food weekend was torture for my body. Well actually it wasn't too was just too much I think, I'm really not used to eating that much (I think when I'm going strong on raw, I'm actually a little calorie-deficient). So anyway there was that.

Reason #2 why I am apologizing to my body is that I don't think I have ever been so sleep deprived in my life! I have gotten less than 5 hours of sleep each night for five nights in a row and have been dancing like crazy (since it's the end of our season). Yesterday when I was trying to finish up on some reading, the words were moving on the page. Oh baby, not a good thing! So I got 14 hours of sleep last night but of course, like food, sleep binges are not the best thing for your body either and now it's just like WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON?? So for the rest of the semester (and beyond) I'm going to focus on aiming for 8 hours per night. I think if I focus really hard I can do this. Plus, my roommates are driving me absolutely insane so I will not be home as much to study/do homework which means I will be away from my computer which means I will not be so distracted which means I will not have to pull any late night study sessions which means my 8 hours are definitely realistic. Woo!

So water fast is happening tomorrow (after a deliciously healthy, lite day) and then this Saturday I'm going to stock up on some fresh-squeezed juice at the farmer's market for a 5-day juice fast starting on Sunday. I'm starting up my daily workouts this week (since dance and midterms are dying down) and once the gorgeous weather starts up again (I think it's supposed to be Wednesday), I will be constantly outside whenever I can (perfect excuse to get away from the roommates and study). So yay for a next couple weeks of self-respect, productivity, enjoyment of life and extra peace and love (yes, that includes for my roommates)!

And Peace and Love to YOU!!

P.S. 26 days till summer!!!

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