Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 4= No Focus

I absolutely cannot focus right now to save my life. I have a five page English paper due tomorrow and I have the intro written so far (don't worry though, I'm a master procrastinator) so I decided to blog now rather than later so that I have no excuses for distraction when I'm cramming in my last couple words to fit the minimum requirement (I'm not a bad student, I promise, it's just SOOO close to summer) in the wee hours of the morning.

Today was much better than yesterday as far as the fast goes (though still not great). My insides are still making noises but at least that means stuff is moving (haha gross). So that's the update on that.

Anyway I'm excited, just about life in general. I get in these moods sometimes and I can't say I mind it one bit :) My roommates and I just decided today that I will have my own room for the WHOLE summer *joy* since another one of my roommates is not staying here for the summer! And I wanted a bunch of So You Think You Can Dance dances on Youtube in preparation for the upcoming season (premiering May 21st) since, as a dancer, I'm completely addicted to that show and in watching dances on Youtube in general. Seriously, I went home to watch the high school state dance team competition this year (just because I miss it so much) and was completely obsessing over the finalists' routines (which were on Youtube). Ahhh such a bad use of time but it makes me so happy :) Did you guys know that I love dance? hehe. Oh and exciting news: I was elected one of the captains of my dance team for next semester!

Ahh too much excitement! Okay for realz I need to finish my English paper!

Peace and love and way too much excitement for focus!

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