Monday, April 6, 2009

Addictive qualities

I have a problem.

I love trail mix (and of course when I say trail mix I mean raw nuts and dried fruit...none of those icky chocolate M&Ms and such). Love. As in I will eat it until I'm ready to hurl. So today I'm chowing down on my raisin/almond/sunflower seed trail mix with no end in sight and I realize that, yes, I do love this but it's not even that I'm hungry for it, it's that I just can't make myself stop. Ahhhh no!!!!!

I'm a follower of Tera's Raw Diva blog and she had a beautiful teleseminar last month about the addictive qualities of wheat and gluten.

It is so true!! I mean how many times (in your cooked-food lives) have you had a gigantic plate of pasta and even though you know you're full, you just want to eat and eat and eat and eat? That's the gluten, baby! And unfortunately it's found in soy sauce and other asian sauces (because they contain wheat). It is possibly the most frustrating and uncomfortable feeling ever!!! One of the wonderful feelings about fruit and veggies and living food is that they don't have these addictive qualities! Now being gluten-free is not a require aspect of the raw-vegan diet but I have decided to incorporate it into mine because it totally makes sense to me.

As of today I think I'm going to try and cut out nuts and seeds as much as I can as well. I'll get most of my fats from avacado and fruits instead. I just don't like overeating out of control and I feel like with nuts and seeds, that's what happens to me. Of course I will have them occasionally but I think as I'm in my first couple weeks of transition to raw, it will be easiest for me if I just leave those buggers out!

OTHER news: I had my orientation today for my new job!!! Yay! I am ridiculously excited! It's this ADORABLE coffee shop, idependantly owned, and the manager is an absolute sweetheart, we are totally on the same page! This also means I will DEFINITELY be staying on campus this summer which I am also super excited for because I heard it's fantastic in the summertime (plus it has the best Farmer's Market EVER)!

Life is brightening up, my lovlies! It is so true that if you improve just one aspect of your life (switching to raw food, for example), the other aspects of your life follow suit. There is a tingling of possibility hanging in the air around me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds! My schedule is so busy the next couple weeks that life cannot possibly be boring for a second, so stay tuned to see what happens next!

Peace and love,

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