Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 4= No Focus

I absolutely cannot focus right now to save my life. I have a five page English paper due tomorrow and I have the intro written so far (don't worry though, I'm a master procrastinator) so I decided to blog now rather than later so that I have no excuses for distraction when I'm cramming in my last couple words to fit the minimum requirement (I'm not a bad student, I promise, it's just SOOO close to summer) in the wee hours of the morning.

Today was much better than yesterday as far as the fast goes (though still not great). My insides are still making noises but at least that means stuff is moving (haha gross). So that's the update on that.

Anyway I'm excited, just about life in general. I get in these moods sometimes and I can't say I mind it one bit :) My roommates and I just decided today that I will have my own room for the WHOLE summer *joy* since another one of my roommates is not staying here for the summer! And I wanted a bunch of So You Think You Can Dance dances on Youtube in preparation for the upcoming season (premiering May 21st) since, as a dancer, I'm completely addicted to that show and in watching dances on Youtube in general. Seriously, I went home to watch the high school state dance team competition this year (just because I miss it so much) and was completely obsessing over the finalists' routines (which were on Youtube). Ahhh such a bad use of time but it makes me so happy :) Did you guys know that I love dance? hehe. Oh and exciting news: I was elected one of the captains of my dance team for next semester!

Ahh too much excitement! Okay for realz I need to finish my English paper!

Peace and love and way too much excitement for focus!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HUMP DAY! (for the juice fast anyway)

Today is the hump day of my 5 day juice fast--day #3. It's all downhill from here (hopefully)!

Well day #3 turned out to be much more difficult than days 1 and 2, and not because I had to tie my hands behind my back to keep myself from shoving solid food down my throat but because of how I feel. I don't know if it's allergies, lack of sleep, detox symptoms or a combination of the three, but I do not feel well today at all! I feel all bloaty and my stomach keeps making weird noises so I'm hoping that's due to detox and not swine flu (ha kidding). Ahhh all I want is to go to bed (but I have to write an English paper).

Good news is I had a meeting with my roommates today to discuss summer living situations (since some of us are staying and some are going home) the conclusion is I get my own room for half the summer which is AWESOME because I've had to share a room the whole year and it's getting to be a pain because I'm the kind of girl who values her alone time (plus if I end up having a summer romance, that might come in handy *wink*). Ahhh one more thing to look forward to this summer!

Anyway just a quick update! I have to work on my English paper so I can actually get some sleep tonight.

Two days till grapefruit and oranges (post juice-fast meals). 18 days till summer and my own room!

Peace and love and hump day giggles!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Juice Fast day #2

Hello Lovelies sorry I didn't update on the crucial first day of my juice fast but the report is that it's going very well :)

Yesterday, the first day, I slept in a little then went to work. I went to my friend's last improv show of the year which was fun and then I came home and ended up hanging out with some of my roommates, which was actually nice to sit and just chill with them (though they're back to being irritating and inconsiderate today *sigh* baby steps, people, baby steps). I really wasn't all that hungry yesterday and actually didn't have any desire for food-food until around dinner time, but it wasn't overwhelming and I just drank my juice and was satisfied.

Today I had work early-early this morning. I ride my bike to work and there's this HUGE hill I have to go up to get there. Now, usually I have to stop at some point on the hill and walk my bike up the rest of the way (seriously, it is so steep) but today I pushed myself to bike up the entire thing! Woo! I felt so accomplished! Still not overwhelmingly hungry today, just wanting to chew. I'm exhausted though, but that might just be because I stayed up late watching a movie with my roomies and then only got maybe 4 hours of sleep because I had to get up early for work. I took a little nap though (which is another huge accomplishment because it is usually impossible for me to take naps). Hopefully I can be productive tonight, I have a dance meeting in a couple hours to determine captainship for next year and such and then after that I'm probably just going to pass out early for the night (I have work again early tomorrow morning). But I'm excited that this juice fast is going so well! Usually the first 3 days are supposed to be the most difficult so I've got one and two down, let's see what tomorrow brings!

Peace and love and juicy kisses!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Incredible Weekend

Ahh it's only Saturday early afternoon and it's already been such an incredible weekend!

Yesterday was beyond gorgeous outside way surpassing spring and heading straight for summer standards. We had our last dance performance of the year (bitter-sweet) outside on campus which was AWESOME because it could not have been a more perfect way to end then season. Then two of my closest friends on the team and I laid out in the sun for a couple hours to soak up some much needed vitamin D, and I am happy to report that I am no longer pasty white hehe :) I was so happy to hang out with them because I usually don't really see them outside of dance practice but they're both staying on campus this summer too so we're going to be like the Three Musketeers and, I don't know, it's just really refreshing to start building such strong relationships with new people (or people who you just haven't really hung out with that much), especially since things have been shaky with my roommates lately.

So after the sun started going down I stopped at my apartment quick to get ready to go on a nice long bike ride but I found one of my roommates at home, completely upset because two of my other roommates had ditched her to go to the bars (they had planned to have a cookout that night). So I invited her to go on a bike ride with me but she didn't have her bike at school yet so we went on a walk instead along the train tracks by the lake. It was so beautiful and the lake breeze was so strong but it felt so good on the hot summer (yes, I'm calling it summer) afternoon! And it was a good 4 mile walk at least so while my heart rate didn't really get up, it was still getting my feet moving and going outdoors!

Then one of my two before-mentioned dance friends invited me to a small get together/party with her at one of her friend from work's houses so we played flip cup and beer pong in their front yard to celebrate the beautiful weather. And yes, I am fully aware that beer is not raw or healthy, or even close to being those two, but face it people, I'm a college kid and while I don't party nearly as much as any of my other friends here (I actually often get called "Grandma" because I choose to stay in and relax most weekends instead of partying), I'm not a saint and I'm going to take advantage of the only time in my life where I can be stupid, thank you very much :) So anyway we did that and it was fun and semi-spontaneous on my part because I usually don't like to go to parties or get-togethers where I don't know many people but I was kind of in a mood to be outgoing yesterday so I went and I met new people and I had a blast.

Funny story about last night: everyone decided they were going to leave to go somewhere else toward the end of the night (I think a bar) so the guy who owned the house locked the door behind him before he left and I waited for my friend because she was going to use the bathroom first. So we left and the door locked behind us and then we realized we had left our purses inside the locked house. My friend called the guy who lives there but his phone wasn't ringing and they had already walked too far to hear us. So I started picking the lock with a $5 pair of sunglasses, not really expecting it to work but just because I was, okay kind of drunk and I thought it was funny. AND THE DOOR OPENED! Haha seriously? We broke into the house with a pair of $5 plastic sunglasses. How hilarious is that?! I still can't stop laughing!

So tonight is my dance formal--the official last hurrah of the season. We're going to get dinner and drinks and then heading back to my friend(who invited me to the party last night)'s apartment to dance and be silly. And just a disclaimer: I usually only go out one night per weekend if at all so this is an exception but I love it because I'm having so much fun! Usually when I go out (with my roommates) I end up wanting to leave early or I get too tired and end up having a sucky weekend but this weekend is awesome and if every weekend this summer is like this, then I may have to step up my game a little ;)

Well tomorrow starts my 5-day juice fast! Woo! I am so excited! I walked to Trader Joe's this morning in the thunder storm (I was definitely one of those little kids who played outside in the puddles and rain so this was an enjoyable walk) to get my juice. I don't have a juicer (and I can't afford one) so I have to buy already-made juice, which I realize is probably not raw but I got all-natural, unsweetened, unfiltered apple juice which has no artificial flavors or preservatives and the ingredients list only has one ingredient (unfiltered Gala apple juice). So I figure it's the best I can do. I'll probably get some citrus juice next. It's just so hard to do this raw thing 100% correctly on my budget and my atmosphere. I'm trying though and I know my body is thanking me for every effort I make! So juice fast, here I come! My allergies are absolutely murdering me today (the ONLY downside to spring...and the rain isn't helping) but I hate medicine. I mean I have allergy medicine but the idea of adding those chemicals to my body isn't very appealing (I didn't get a flu shot because of that this year). So I'm hoping if I just stick it out these first couple weeks of allergy season, I can build up some sort of immunity. Or do you think the juice fast will help? We'll see, in the meantime I'll try to resist scratching my eyes out.

Peace and love and splashing puddles!

P.S. I probably should have put this disclaimer up wayyyy earlier but I get all my images from Flickr so I am not claiming them as my own, just using them as decoration for my posts. Except my profile pic, that one's mine :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a beautiful night!

I cannot get over how gorgeous it is outside tonight! Tomorrow is supposed to get up to the high 80s (wow!) but tonight it is so mild, I wish I had a yard behind my apartment so I could just lay in the grass and stare up at the stars (not that you can really see them...friggin light pollution). But my windows and sliding glass door are wide open so at least I have some springy air flowing through my room :)

Well today was much better, Rawbies! I did have a little non-raw snacks this evening but it is too much of a lovely night and I am too much in a good mood to really feel guilty about it (and Pandora is being absolutely amazing tonight!). I had a dance performance tonight which went pretty well. And I had some sweet dreams last night which left me in a good mood today and made me hopeful for the future (yeah I'm a sucker for that sort of thing).

So tomorrow I'll do even better with my rawness and I'm going to be outside for 90% of the time I'm not sleeping. AND I'm going to go on a suuuuuper long bike ride. Ahh I'm excited!

Okay so short post tonight but I'm enjoying just listening to Pandora in this beautiful evening breeze.

Peace and love and spring breeze kisses!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Did you hug your tree today?

Well Sunshines, I have some bad news to report: I am not being a good girl this week at all. The water fast epically failed. Here's the thing about water fasts ladies and gents: you cannot go into them thinking of them as pain and torture and starvation. You need to think of it as a restful and healing cleanse for your body--a vacation if you will. My mindset was completely off so the water fast didn't happen yesterday and instead I keep eating non-raw foods that aren't especially good for me. My willpower has fled! Noooooo! I was going to do my water fast today but then I remembered that I have dance and I absolutely cannot function in practice if I have had nothing to eat all day. So I did an 18 hour water fast which I guess is better than nothing.

So I'm stepping up my game and I'm going to make a plan and declare it right here and now so if I break away from it, I have to face public humiliation and judgement haha. So tomorrow and Friday I will be having a grapefruit for breakfast, a green smoothie for lunch, a delicious salad with the homemade guacamole I just made today, and snacks will be apples if I find them necessary. Saturday I will go to the farmer's market and get some fruit for breakfast there and I will also stock up on some juice for my juice fast. Lunch will be a green smoothie and then I am going out to eat as my end of the year banquet for dance so I will get a salad there and try to have it be as raw as possible. Then Sunday starts my juice fast until Thursday!!! Woo! I am super excited about it!

Also I need to get back into a hardcore exercise routine! Whenever I exercise a lot, I never want to undo it all by overindulging in food so I think this will be the key to force me to stick to raw in the beginning. I was so good for so long and then with one little slip I just kept falling and falling, you know? So here I go! I'm going to take those first few steps and from there it will be smooth sailing! During the summer I will be going to different exercise classes but I think for now I will go on a nice long bike ride every day. I love my bike and it's a good workout but doesn't feel ridiculously strenuous, which is good for when I'm on my juice fast.

Okay that's the plan and I'm sticking to it!

Peace and love and Earthy hugs!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Body, I'm so sorry!

Ish...not my most healthy weekend, I must say...but at least I stayed vegan the whole time (I promise, the Easter weekend fiasco is a RARE occurrence.)

One of my best friends from high school visited me. Why is it with company you always have to eat out and eat often? Oh American culture, how ridiculously unhealthy you are! So anyway we ate out and we ate a LOT! I was horrified when at the end of the weekend she told me how healthy this weekend had been for her. I mean at least my diet had somewhat of an influence on her (I didn't buy any non-vegan food for her so all of the disgusting, greasy meat she ate had to be when we ate out) but I was disgusted by the contrast of her eating habits versus mine and what she considered healthy because this past food weekend was torture for my body. Well actually it wasn't too was just too much I think, I'm really not used to eating that much (I think when I'm going strong on raw, I'm actually a little calorie-deficient). So anyway there was that.

Reason #2 why I am apologizing to my body is that I don't think I have ever been so sleep deprived in my life! I have gotten less than 5 hours of sleep each night for five nights in a row and have been dancing like crazy (since it's the end of our season). Yesterday when I was trying to finish up on some reading, the words were moving on the page. Oh baby, not a good thing! So I got 14 hours of sleep last night but of course, like food, sleep binges are not the best thing for your body either and now it's just like WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON?? So for the rest of the semester (and beyond) I'm going to focus on aiming for 8 hours per night. I think if I focus really hard I can do this. Plus, my roommates are driving me absolutely insane so I will not be home as much to study/do homework which means I will be away from my computer which means I will not be so distracted which means I will not have to pull any late night study sessions which means my 8 hours are definitely realistic. Woo!

So water fast is happening tomorrow (after a deliciously healthy, lite day) and then this Saturday I'm going to stock up on some fresh-squeezed juice at the farmer's market for a 5-day juice fast starting on Sunday. I'm starting up my daily workouts this week (since dance and midterms are dying down) and once the gorgeous weather starts up again (I think it's supposed to be Wednesday), I will be constantly outside whenever I can (perfect excuse to get away from the roommates and study). So yay for a next couple weeks of self-respect, productivity, enjoyment of life and extra peace and love (yes, that includes for my roommates)!

And Peace and Love to YOU!!

P.S. 26 days till summer!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I LOVE my life!!!!

Another wonderful day! Seriously there are so many good things going on/things to look forward to that I barely have time to stress out about my Spanish exam tomorrow.

Well first of all my water fast yesterday was wonderful! Like I said, I get so much clarity from them that I think it just started me off on the right foot today. I felt like I had so much energy even though I only got less than 5 hours of sleep last night. But anyway I feel like as well as getting me back on track with raw, it jump started pretty much every other aspect of my life...

I had work which was wonderful because I fall more and more in love with my coffee shop each time I go in! My manager asked me if I could stay about an hour longer than I was scheduled to which is awesome because I was having so much I need the hours (poor college kid dontcha know?)

Then it was a GORGEOUS day. Holy man! I could not get enough of that springtime air and being able to shed the winter-coat layer is one of the best feelings. I love sunshine and summertime!

THEN I had to register for classes for next semester which was stressful because it's so competitive and all the classes I really wanted kept filling up so I had to keep re-arranging my schedule. *frustrated sigh* but I think I finally worked it out and now I have a five--yes FIVE--day weekend! How awesome is that?? So I mostly have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays with one class on Wednesdays. I win. Hardcore. So Mondays and Fridays will be my hardcore workout/study/productivity days (which includes sleeping in) and hopefully that will just give me more time to actually relax. Being in college, I feel like crazy weekends just don't give me enough rest and sleep to recharge for the next week so this way hopefully I will :)

Then I had dance practice which I was dreading tonight because it was going to be super intense since we have a performance on Friday. But we were so productive and yes the practice was intense but the routine looks 10000000% better and I am so excited because I was the one who choreographed the majority of the routine and it took SO much time and effort. So yay!

Finally as I was walking back from practice I ran into one of my guy friends from high school and he offered me a ticket for a concert that's coming up that I really wanted to go to but didn't take the initiative to get a ticket. Turns out he got two tickets for free and he didn't know who to give the second one to so he ended up giving it to me!

Aaaaaand of course there's all the excitement for summer that just keeps bubbling up in my mind in happy sunbursts. It's days like these when you just want to scream at the top of your lungs I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!

Peace and love love love life!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Water fast!

I love water fasts.

They clear my mind so much and I have had such a productive day (it's not over yet)!

1. I slept in till 11:30 (that's 11 hours of sleep!) which was productive because my mind/body needed that re-charge after the stress and sleeplessness I've put it through.
2. I went to class. Not that I don't go, it's just another bullet point for my list :P
3. I went on a "Hooray for Spring!" walk with two of my roomies and picked up a library card application that I will turn in tomorrow (I didn't have the correct form of ID with me)
3. I went to copy editing at the newspaper AND got a lot of reading for class done in between articles
4. I got more reading done when I got home
5. I put my name on about 3456798982709847250974357328405 class waiting lists so I can graduate on time

Aaaaaand I'm going to get a lot more reading done after I'm done posting this. Aren't you proud of me?

Like I said, water fasts clear my head and make me more focused. Gotta love that! So I'm not breaking this fast until tomorrow morning which means it will be a 30-hour water fast. Niiiiice! Tomorrow I will focus on juicy fruit and then crisp veggies for dinner. Plus I have an intense dance practice tomorrow. Yay for getting back on track!

See how realistic it is?? Straying from raw is not the end of the world and I think so many of us are so focused on the "rules" they have to follow that they forget that raw is a lifestyle and since it is YOUR LIFE you can mould it to however fits you best. For me that means every once and awhile not eating raw and (even though I've given up nuts and seeds for awhile) I won't be too picky about nuts and seeds being 100% raw. For example: I just made hummus yesterday from some canned chickpeas I had left over from my non-raw days. I am not about to throw away perfectly good food that I already had and I'm not going to beat myself up for eating it, so there! I will enjoy my cooked-bean hummus with my crunchy raw vegetables and not have one ounce of guilt for it because I know that I am still bettering my life and diet by making the changes I have already made. I mean I'm not going to buy any more chickpeas after this (unless I decide to try sprouting them sometime) but even if I did, I would not consider it a negative thing at all. Now if I were to constantly eat pizza for dinner or chow down on oreos for snacks every day, that would be a different story. See what I mean? I'm fine with the occasional steamed veggies or cooked beans if they're offered to me because I know that they are still healthy for me (they just might be more lacking in nutrients than raw veggies or sprouted beans) but I'm not going to buy them for myself if I can help it. Sometimes you need to deviate for social reasons--such as going out to eat with friends and there is no raw salad available at the restaurant they chose.

On the other hand, discipline is one of the many wonderful things about raw that sneaks its way (positively) into other aspects of your life. So it's all about a healthy balance (as is with everything in life). And along with that goes a healthy balance of work and play which is another thing I'm trying to focus on. I'm getting better though!!

Peace and love and Yin and Yang,

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's all about ME!

4 exams, 3 papers and 33 days until summer!!! Are you as excited as I am??? (I don't think that's even possible)

I have discovered Pandora Radio (I's been around for awhile) and it is incredible. I strongly encourage everyone to play with it RIGHT NOW because music is the expression of the soul :) Ahhh it puts me in such a good mood!

Today I had one of my ridiculous exams. Ick I was so pressed for time that it is completely unrealistic to hope for an A but I'm hoping my professor will be sympathetic because if I had had a little more time I could have ROCKED that exam. And then I had a take-home essay exam due today. I don't even want to think about them though because they're done and I am freeeeeee for awhile :)

With these weights (exams) off my chest, I can now focus again on my body and apologizing to it after how I have treated it this Easter weekend (sorry body!). I have decided I am definitely doing a 24 hour water fast tomorrow (actually that started at around quarter to six this evening, sweet!) so that will make me get back on track and give my body a chance to heal, plus I've been good all day which is important to do before a fast. I am so excited for how I am going to treat myself this summer! It will be all about focusing on living, healthy rawness, yoga, running, spirituality, my writing and a general peace and happiness. I mean shouldn't that be what we always focus on? *sigh* sometimes life just gets in the way I guess :P But no...we should make our lives fit to how we want them to be, not fit what we want to how our lives are trucking along. Do you know what I mean?

So that's my goal for the rest of the semester. To focus on me and my happiness (not selfishly of course) despite the stress and obligations I have to focus on. I'm going to start doing things that make me feel peaceful. Let's incorporate a few candles here and there, time to listen to music, and some moments to smell the soon-blooming! flowers. I'm going to do things I love and love my life for it!!

Peace, love and HAPPINESS :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Baby Dolls :)

Well I'm back at school after a weekend of visiting my grandparents (and some other relatives on my mom's side). Of course, it being Easter weekend and my family being the typical SAD family they are, I did not at all follow a raw diet...or even vegan. Oopsies! And although my stomach is not exactly thrilled with me right now, I don't care because that's not what it's all about. I got to see my family this weekend; I got to spend time with people I LOVE! I won't get to see them for another six weeks so I had to soak every minute up that I could!

So it is Easter: bunnies and baskets and chocolates and frilly dresses. Gotta love it. I just wanted to squeeze every bright eyed baby-boo that I saw in church today. Ahh I love babies! I cannot wait to have my own (but don't worry, I will haha)! But what a beautiful weekend!!! So sunshine-y and sweet! Spring is finally here and life is wonderful!

So now that I'm back at school and I'm re-stocked on my fresh produce, I'm going to start concentrating on my raw again :) One of my best friends is visiting me this weekend so I may stray a little then (I don't want to torture her by having nothing for her to eat) but for the most part I have confidence in myself and since this is a journey and all about what's right for ME, I can do whatever I want (and so can you, sweetcakes!). I am thinking of doing a five-day juice fast starting April 26th though, if anyone would like to join me! And then a (minimum) 10-day juice fast about a month from then. I think it's important to give your body a little digestive break every now and again, so I want to focus on doing that a little more. I try to do a one-day water fast about once a week as a little re-charge but I haven't been able to do one of those in awhile since life has been pretty chaotic lately. I'm planning on doing one for Tuesday though :)

Since it's Easter, I've been thinking a lot about religion. Now this is not a religious blog, and I don't want it to turn into one, but I want it to play a part in my journey so I may talk about it every once and awhile. I was raised Roman Catholic but I do not think it is the right religion for me. Do not get me wrong, I think Catholicism is a beautiful religion but I just don't agree with all the practices and I want to find something with a little more focus on nature and a little less focus on dogma. Suggestions are welcome :) I have not had time, but I would like to research some different religions to find a good match for me (I'm thinking maybe this summer?). I'm not exactly sure WHAT I believe so I'm truly open to ANYTHING. One of my roommates and I are going to explore Buddhism a little this summer and try to learn some more about that, though I've heard Buddhism is kind of complementary to any religion and is more a way of life rather than a religion? I don't know, we'll see. And I don't want to completely forsake Catholicism either, I will explore that more too to see if it's really something I don't believe, or just something I don't understand. We shall see, I'm excited :)

Well, Lovebugs, I have some MAJOR studying to do but I just thought I'd update quickly so you didn't think I forgot about you.

Peace and love and bunny kisses!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretzels and Oreos

OH NO!!! I'm straying guys...hardcore. Tonight is an all-nighter (or at least till around 4am). So I have a bag of honey wheat braided pretzel twists and off-brand (vegan) oreos to get me through. WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF????? Curse you midterms! Ah I feel like a terrible role model to anyone who may be looking to me for inspiration. But guess what? I'm not giving up. I am not throwing raw out the window. No way Carla May! This is just a bump in the road. And you know what? It's a learning experience. Stress makes me eat. Okay, I know that now. In the future I will be more prepared and better able to cope. Rock on! Plus now would be a good time to quickly think back on all the progress I've made so far (a very considerable amount) and make some reachable future goals to help make it harder for me to stray.

Here's the thing (and I think this is my problem at the moment): my family doesn't know I'm going raw. They don't even know I've been vegan for over seven months! See the thing is, my mom's a nurse so she thinks she knows it all. And I mean she does, if you go by SAD standards, but she wasn't train in an alternative nutrition track so she has been brainwashed to follow the SAD food pyramid (left). She freaks out enough that I don't eat meat (I'm not going to get enough protein or iron and I'm going to become anemic). So to me, it's not worth the argument. I'm at school full-time so I make the decisions about what I eat. If when I go home I have to eat a little cooked food and some *gulp* dairy products to prevent her from being unnecessarily worried and upset, then that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I know I just won't feel too hot for a couple days but it doesn't mean I can't follow the lifestyle I choose. I mean YUCK, look at all that bread I'm "supposed" to eat. I'd rather just cut off the top of that pyramid (and the bottom) and make it more of a rectangle.

So this weekend (Easter weekend) I know I'm going to have to stray from the raw, and even vegan, path and I think that's why I've allowed myself to slip a day early. I'm not trying to justify and early slip, but I don't feel like I'm really losing anything if I do, I guess...if that makes sense. Not that I don't still feel guilty. I will just tighten my efforts for post-break (and try as hard as I can during break not to indulge in chips and salsa if I don't need to), pick myself up and keep on trudging!

Now onto exciting news: I had my first day of work today!!! Oh my goodness I keep falling more and more in love with this coffee shop. It's a hippie's paradise! The owner is this adorable, late-twenties woman who is so positive and full of life that you cannot help but be excited about life as well when you're working with her. She's this tiny woman but she was telling me today about how she has her Kung Fu test tomorrow to earn her next belt and I could help but laugh out loud. I mean, you would just never expect someone like her to do Kung Fu but she totally just went for it because it sounded fun and didn't think twice. What an inspiration to live by! And I feel so cheesy (raw nut cheese, of course) saying this but she is quickly becoming my role model. Not only did she start this small business (which seems to be thriving, by the way), but she has gone the extra mile to make it something special even if she has to sacrifice a little to do it. The store is run on total wind energy, they recycle everything they possibly can (including the coffee grounds), she buys local un-pasteurized (or whatever it's called) milk (which isn't vegan but still way more eco-friendly), she buys loose leave, amazing tea from a small, local seller, she buys organic honey from a local bee keeper, practically everything sold is organic, she promotes local artists and music groups, and she values a sense of community with her customers above anything else. It's incredible! Plus she's friends with this lady who does feng shui professionally and is also into the healing/mystical powers of different types of stones and she wants to get her in to do a special presentation/spring cleaning feng shui ideas as a spring event for the coffee shop. So that just made me really happy today, it is so nice to have a role model and I think by incorporating her spunk and love of life into my own, along with a raw diet, things can only get better :)

Well dearies I still have more to do than I can handle tonight but I just had to write a blog entry for you all as a little reflection and motivation-booster! Wish me luck!

Peace and love and kung fu possitivity,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love is in the air

Hello my lovelies :)

As the arrival of spring becomes more of a reality, relationships are beginning to bloom along with the flowers. Two of my roommates are each starting new relationships and our entire house is brimming with excitement. It's not just these new romantic relationships that are blooming, but relationships between the roommates are improving as well. We were all ridiculously sick of each other a matter of weeks ago and I swear I could strangled a few of my roommates for awhile but it seems like everyone is miraculously getting along again and it puts me in even MORE of a positive mood than I have been the last couple days :)

It's the season of love, babies! It's our biological nature, everyone's doing it! The birds, the bees, the bunnies, we humans think we're so above our fellow creatures but we don't realize that we are powerless to instinct to find love in this breeding season. And like I said before, possibility is just shimmering in the air! I haven't been in a relationship in a loooong time but with all these changes, I feel like I'm getting a better hold on life and since I'm staying on campus this year...well, love bunnies, you know what they say about summer romance ;)

Ahhh I have to share with you this wonderful smoothie I made for lunch today! I just kind of whipped up what I had. It's ULTRA vitamin C--as in I will never get sick again! I put in some OJ, a grapefruit, frozen strawberries, some fresh mint and a sprinkle of cinnamon then vrooooooom! in the blender and I had the most refreshing, summery, citrus-mint smoothie imaginable! So delish! This week is use-up-everything week because after Easter weekend I'm going to con my parents into buying me groceries when they drop me back off at school hehe :P

Monday, April 6, 2009

Addictive qualities

I have a problem.

I love trail mix (and of course when I say trail mix I mean raw nuts and dried fruit...none of those icky chocolate M&Ms and such). Love. As in I will eat it until I'm ready to hurl. So today I'm chowing down on my raisin/almond/sunflower seed trail mix with no end in sight and I realize that, yes, I do love this but it's not even that I'm hungry for it, it's that I just can't make myself stop. Ahhhh no!!!!!

I'm a follower of Tera's Raw Diva blog and she had a beautiful teleseminar last month about the addictive qualities of wheat and gluten.

It is so true!! I mean how many times (in your cooked-food lives) have you had a gigantic plate of pasta and even though you know you're full, you just want to eat and eat and eat and eat? That's the gluten, baby! And unfortunately it's found in soy sauce and other asian sauces (because they contain wheat). It is possibly the most frustrating and uncomfortable feeling ever!!! One of the wonderful feelings about fruit and veggies and living food is that they don't have these addictive qualities! Now being gluten-free is not a require aspect of the raw-vegan diet but I have decided to incorporate it into mine because it totally makes sense to me.

As of today I think I'm going to try and cut out nuts and seeds as much as I can as well. I'll get most of my fats from avacado and fruits instead. I just don't like overeating out of control and I feel like with nuts and seeds, that's what happens to me. Of course I will have them occasionally but I think as I'm in my first couple weeks of transition to raw, it will be easiest for me if I just leave those buggers out!

OTHER news: I had my orientation today for my new job!!! Yay! I am ridiculously excited! It's this ADORABLE coffee shop, idependantly owned, and the manager is an absolute sweetheart, we are totally on the same page! This also means I will DEFINITELY be staying on campus this summer which I am also super excited for because I heard it's fantastic in the summertime (plus it has the best Farmer's Market EVER)!

Life is brightening up, my lovlies! It is so true that if you improve just one aspect of your life (switching to raw food, for example), the other aspects of your life follow suit. There is a tingling of possibility hanging in the air around me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds! My schedule is so busy the next couple weeks that life cannot possibly be boring for a second, so stay tuned to see what happens next!

Peace and love,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

the future is shining bright!!!

Hello everyone :)

So I'm starting the vegan raw food diet (some great resources are and if anyone wants to join me on my adventure). It's amazing so far, I feel so much more...clean I guess is the right word. I don't get that nasty *ugh I'm so full* feeling and I have so much more positive energy! Peace and love to the world :)

As with any life change, other aspects of my life are changing as well and mostly in positive ways! I just got a new job, I'm doing some spring cleaning not only in my apartment but with my relationships as well, and summer is so close I can already taste the sticky watermelon-y juiciness! Life is grand, my friends, and I hope you think so too!

Today I deviated a little way from raw. I gave into some pita chips and hummus in celebration of my new job but starting tomorrow I'm back to living goodness and I'm going to start running again! Gotta get my booty in shape for that 8K at the end of the month ;) But it's okay because the important thing about anything like this is not to beat yourself up for your mistakes but to look at how far you've come and keep on trudging! I'm coming up on my third week since deciding to go raw and this has really been my only "major" slip so I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back and start with my delightfully juicy grapefruit breakfast tomorrow. Yum yum!

I am just ITCHING for summer. Oh baby it cannot come soon enough!!! I am so sick of this cold and nasty weather. I want to walk barefoot in the grass and sit under the trees and let my winter-whitened skin soak up some good ol' vitamin D! And this summer I am NOT going to take advantage of it! I will have to work (at my new job!!) and I will (hopefully) be taking one summer class but otherwise I will be outside living life in the beautiful outdoors. Ahhh how amazing does that sound? Ooo and I'm going to take a daily yoga class and hopefully some ballroom dancing classes. I can't even handle how excited I am right now!!!

Peace and love and summer day dreaming,