Friday, July 9, 2010

I just wanna DANCE

Hello hello! Yesterday was a wonderful day! Not perfect by any means but perfection is soooo overrated.

Coming back from my Mediterranean life, I've realized what a precious ingredient olive oil is. It is a meal transformer and makes whipping up something to eat suuuuper easy. Example? For lunch just saute some potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, olive oil, and black pepper and BAM! you have deliciousness. I would have taken a picture because it was also very pretty but I haven't had my blog on my mind so much lately, so taking pictures of my food wasn't a natural instinct. Next time, next time.

So I don't know if I've explained this to you guys before but dance is my passion. Naturally I am an avid follower of the show So You Think You Can Dance which is disappointing me greatly this season due to distracted judges and choreographers who are more concerned with props and story lines than actual dancing. However, the brilliant choreographer Travis Wall keeps me coming back for more. Each of his routines are so unique and pure and they ALWAYS give me shivers. Here's his most recent masterpiece from Wednesday (performed by the best two dancers, Kent and Lauren, on the my opinion):

Things like this are what make life beautiful. If you can live with that much passion, I think no matter what else you do you will lead a wonderful life. Filling your body with pure and fresh foods is important but having something you can deeply connect to is what's really going to make you happy. I am SO excited to start up dance again this fall semester. This summer I am taking a weekly dance class with one of my best friends from high school but it's just not the same. Last night her and I went dancing with her boyfriend and one of his friends (my boyfriend had work early this morning so he couldn't!) and it was fun but compared to a semester in Spain or even the places we could have gone to downtown, it was a little bit...relaxed for me haha. I just need to bust a major move yo!!!

Peace and love and happy feet!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh heyyyy

Oh hey there sugar pie. Um...long time no see? Oops.

A couple changes in my life: I just got back from an INCREDIBLE semester abroad (and by just I mean about a month and a half ago) in Spain. For this reason all hopes of vegan/raw/whatever were thrown out the window. I was able to stay vegetarian which was just perfect for me. It was just such an incredible experience immersing myself in a new culture/language/lifestyle. I didn't want to come back to America but I will definitely go back to Spain someday, hopefully within the next year (after graduation) but I will for sure keep you updated...I guess that's kind of an empty promise since I'm so bad at updating THIS. Bleh :(

Anyway, important change #2...remember my Lucky I'm in Love with my Best Friend post? Well that whole thing somehow kind of worked out. I am soooo happy with him and so lucky that we're finally in the same place at the same time for this summer. Come fall will be another story (we go to different schools) but for now I'm trying to just enjoy the here and now. So you might...probably...definitely will see mentions of him cropping up in my posts. Sorry, I'm sometimes a gushy person :P

So I'm back because....I've obviously slipped a little way from where I want to be but I'm back to make my life better so let's do this!!!

A recent book that has given me an extra little shove is Michael Pollen's In Defense of Food

I strongly recommend it if you haven't already read it. It's a wonderful explanation of American society's warped perception of nutrition. Good stuff.

So some goals that I wish to start working on:
  • back to vegan
  • avoid processed food
  • avoid gluten
  • avoid sugar
I'm hoping to completely eliminate those from my diet this fall but for now that's kind of a steep goal to make straight from the get go and plus I'm living at home--land of meat and bread (seriously, it is a pain to find fruit and vegetables in this house and my mom calls herself a nurse *scoff*).

So here I am asking your forgiveness for abandoning you. I hope you understand but I'll try to be back as much as I can because I love blogging and now that I'm done with my study abroad blog, I need something to keep my fingers occupied :)

Peace and love!

P.S. Any world cup fans out there? Spain advancing to finals today for the FIRST TIME EVER pretty much made this the best day of my life!! My excitement is overwhelming!!! You better believe that I will be freaking out on Sunday (and sending some ridiculous updates your way)!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Aftermath

Well hello, Cupcake! How was your Halloween?

Let us review, shall we?

Thursday night with my dance girls was so much fun! It was seriously the most fun I'd had in a really long time! The haunted house was really creepy. I had never been to one before but it was really fun with the perfect amount of scary. Afterward we came back to my house for cider and Halloween treats with our scary movie. Haha we got so freaked out and kept screaming at every little part in the movie. It's so much fun to be girly sometimes :P My puppy chow was also a huge hit! I think I ate too much of it or something though because Saturday morning at work I felt suuuuper hungover. I couldn't figure it out at first because I hadn't been drinking at all and I've never gotten sick from too much sugar before but I suppose after the cleanse I was more sensitive than normal so yeah I ended up getting sick at work which was no fun but then I was totally fine after that.

So Friday began the Halloween festivities for everyone else I know. After work I went to the mall to get the finishing touches for my costume for Saturday night and then rushed home to get ready for the festivities. We had a Halloween party at my house which was insane! It was so much fun though! We got 3 kegs and easily had 100 people show up. I'm definitely thinking it was more than that though. My roommates and I dressed up as Legends of the Hidden Temple. For such a huge party nothing really got broken or anything. We're still cleaning up but it's really no big deal and overall we just had so much fun!! It was great!

Saturday a.k.a Actual Halloween was great too! It was a game day which means I had to wake up at 8 which was a little bit of a struggle after going to bed at 4am but I would never in a million years miss a Badger football game! We played Purdue and absolutely killed them so even though it was freezing outside, it was so much fun! I get so into my football. I'm so sad there's only one more home game this year! So after the game I came home and took a three-hour nap (much needed) before Halloween night #2 started. I dressed as Medusa last night and it almost didn't work because I couldn't figure out how to tie my toga or get the snakes to stay in my hair. I almost gave up and just stayed in but not going out on a Madison Halloween is blasphemy! So my costume finally worked out and I ended up going to one of our neighbor's parties and then playing games at my house with a few of my friends until the wee hours of the morning.

Today I had work (but not till noon, thank God). It's been a pretty uneventful day because that's basically all I did. I love work though because I can make delicious smoothies in a super nice blender! I came home and I'm eating brussel sprouts for the first time:

Yum yum! These are so good! They're just steamed with a little olive oil drizzled over them and then some salt and pepper. Super yummy and simple, I love it!

This weekend I've also been eating my Butternut Squash Soup but I added some quinoa in it a couple times which is also really yummy.

So other than that, not much to report! I have to do something with this squash and pie pumpkin that I've been using as a decoration so look forward to some sort of recipe from that!

Peace and Love,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It is officially the weekend! Let the Halloween celebrations commence!

I don't have class on Fridays so it is officially my Halloween weekend starting tonight!! I love holidays! Any excuse to do something out of the ordinary and you can bet that I love it!

This evening my dance team is going to a haunted house together and then we will be coming back to my house for scary movies! I'm super excited! So that is the occasion for my Halloween Puppy Chow (there's plastic wrap covering it in the photo so it doesn't get stale haha)

This Puppy Chow is gluten-free and vegan so that I can enjoy it too :)
  • Rice Chex (the whole box)
  • Trader Joe's Crunchy Unsalted Peanut Butter from unblanched peanuts (1 cup)
  • Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% dark chocolate (about half of one of the sheet)
  • 1 (or 2) tsp of vanilla
  • Powdered Sugar (however much you want)
  • Candy Corn (the reason it's "Halloween" Puppy Chow)
Melt the peanut butter and chocolate together and stir in vanilla. Stir in the Chex so it's completely coated. You're supposed to then shake the chocolate/peanut butter chex in a bag with the powdered sugar but since I don't follow recipes, I just stirred it in. Whatever, it doesn't matter. And then of course stir in the candy corn. Easy peasy, lemon squeezey! And it's yummy!

Well today was another good day. I took some of my Butternut Squash Soup in a coffee thermos to class with me so I could eat it over my lunch break. Yum yum yum! But I was suuuuper tired today because I didn't get to bed until late and I had to wake up early so I could declare my Spanish major. So before my internship, I stopped and got coffee and now I am FRICKIN WIRED! Woahhh baby! It's not a good feeling. So if I was ever in doubt that I want to switch to tea, the doubt is gone! Coffee for special occasions from now on only!

After my internship I stopped at TJ's and got some bananas and spinach to make some smoothies for the week. I also got some gluten-free 100% rye bread if I feel like having toast occasionally in the mornings. One of my best friend's dad sent me some home-made raspberry jam that would be lovely on rye. I'm excited.

So my Halloween weekend will be busy and crazy! Keep in mind that I do go to UW-Madison...and all stories are true. Haha. So I may or may not update this weekend but regardless, look forward to some crazy stories and more recipes!

Peace and Love and Happy Halloween!


10-Day Master Cleanse #3 is officially over!!!!

Let the trumpets sound and confetti fall from the sky because I did it! Yes!

In celebration I wore my skinny jeans today (which fit quite nicely, thank you very much) and I got SO many complements on how nice I looked. I didn't dress specially (my skinny jeans aren't like super nice or anything), I didn't even shower, but I got multiple people tell me I looked nice and a couple that said I just looked happier and "glow-y." Sweet!

So this morning I had my OJ at work which was SOOOO delicious! Oh yum it was perfect! I also had some Citrus Mountain Oolong tea which I am absolutely in love with (yes it has caffeine, I'm not giving it up). My coffee shop gets our tea from Cha Cha which is very high quality and extremely delicious (I will never drink Lipton again). I'm thinking of ordering some for myself in bulk instead of coffee and I'm going to get some for Christmas presents this year too I think. So I'll update with reviews of different flavors of Cha Cha from time to time. Citrus Mountain is my current favorite. It is so refreshing and light with a zip of citrus but also a nice earthy feel. I like it for breakfast (or in the morning) because the citrus makes it kind of an orange-juicy-type drink (AKA something you would drink in the morning). It also has amazing health/weight loss benefits and slightly less caffeine than black tea (not that I really care haha).

Then I got home and had my Butternut Squash Soup. Yummmm. I cannot tell you how delicious this was. *drool* I want more now. Anyway I should say quickly that when I cook I rarely follow a recipe and I don't like to measure, so apologies if this annoys you but I cannot change (sorry). My mom gets so mad at me when I come home and alter recipes but I think I am physically unable to follow a recipe. I HAVE to change it somehow. Anyway here is my Butternut Squash Soup (all Farmer's Market produce). And P.S. I am not a food photographer.

  • 2 Butternut Squashes
  • 1 lb green beans (yummy)
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 bunch of scallions
  • Dill (I don't know how much, I hadn't cooked with dill before and randomly wanted to)
  • 6 ears of corn (corn cut off the cob)
  • 1 bag of Spinach (I actually got the from Trader Joe's)
  • Nutmeg (a couple good shakes)
  • Vegetable bouillon (I didn't have cubes. I had some stuff in a jar but I don't remember the brand. You can really use anything, it just adds the saltiness)
First I cut up the butternut squash and boiled it until it became soft enough not to destroy my blender (oh food processor, someday you will be mine). I blended the squash with the spinach, bouillon, and nutmeg and then added enough water until it was the consistency I wanted. Then I just chopped up the rest and boiled it in with that. Nice and easy. Obviously I cooked the corn separately so I could cut off the kernel easier but I suppose you could do this beforehand too. And I didn't boil the tomatoes in because I hate mushy tomatoes so I just added those after the soup cooled. And that's it! That's the wonderful thing about soup is that it's so easy to make and it's super yummy and you pretty much can't go wrong. P.S. this made a shit-ton of soup so I will be eating it for the next two weeks (and no complaints here because it's healthy and delicious).

I also made some Halloween Puppy Chow for my dance social tomorrow night but I will post pictures and that recipe tomorrow because this girl needs to get her ass to bed.

Also, I got Skinny Bitch from my library today and read it in two hours! I absolutely loved it!! It is the perfect book to read while cleansing/right when you come off as a reminder of how to eat and what the junk people put in their bodies does to them. The presentation is cut-to-the-quick which adds an element of humor to the seriousness of the issues it presents. I want to share this book with all my girlfriends but I don't want to seem imposing in my views on health. Anyway, if I ever thought that veganism is just a phase I'm going through, I don't anymore. I know that for the rest of my life (after Spain since it will be pretty much impossible there), I want to be vegan. And I will definitely raise my children vegetarian at the very least (c'mon understanding husband! I know you're out there somewhere!). Bottom line: if you haven't read this book and/or you aren't completely sure which sort of eating-lifestyle you want to lead, you need to read it!

Oh and I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the gorgeous autumn trees around my house because it just puts me in an even BETTER mood! I just LOVE this season!

Peace and Love,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day nine


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day eight

Another good day. Not too exciting. But I only have...two more days!!! I'm so excited for soup and green smoothies!!

I just reserved a copy of Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnounin at my library. I've been wanting to read it for awhile so when a copy comes in for me I will let you know and post a review :)

Things to look for on my blog coming up:
  • My post-cleanse Butternut Squash Soup pictures and recipe
  • Vegan/gluten-free Halloween Puppy Chow pictures and recipe
  • Some autumn/Halloween excitement!!!
All for now! I have to go be productive.

Peace and love,